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Experts hot debate uhv grid project 300 billion investment value worth nothing

Investment is equivalent to two of the three gorges project, experts say, save safe hidden trouble by experimental demonstration project that success, ultra-high voltage grid safe and reliable

In order to solve the jiangxi power "bottleneck" problems, in recent days, jiangxi province 33 of the National People's Congress (NPC and CPPCC national committee, to the National People's Congress, the Chinese people's political consultative conference submitted the bill, bill, a hope of jiangxi province as soon as possible, high voltage power transmission and transformation project approval, accelerating uhv "in the" channel and nanchang uhv transmission project construction.

But to realize, otherwise the original state development planning commission fuel power bureau chief, China international engineering consulting the vice general manager JiangZhaoZu, the original electric power planning institute director, ratchet tie dowm national power grid construction planning consultant DingGongYang 23 expert, against countries signed a letter of huge investments of ac uhv.

According to the national grid company (hereinafter referred to as "by") planning, "1025 during" China will invest more than 500 billion yuan to build "three vertical and three horizontal" ultra-high voltage ac backbone network, and 11 HVDC transmission projects, in which the ac uhv accounts for about two-thirds of the investment, the more 300 billion yuan, "equivalent to two of the three gorges project investment". At present the expansion project demonstration project has been approved, if XiMeng-nanjing uhv project also approved, means that China will be officially into large-scale ultra-high voltage development stage.

DingGongYang said: "the exchange investment is dc 2 ~ 3 times expected losses, as high iron, if the loss by transfer to electricity, will raise electricity prices, from the final bill."

To this, the reply by said: "have been 30 DuoWei academician, including more than 3000 research and engineering and technical personnel involved in the ultra-high voltage, and the conclusion is demonstrated, the demonstration project is successful, ultra-high voltage grid is safe and reliable."


According to the program, by using 1000 kv ac uhv grid form, from the original northeast-north China central China "chain"-long, into north China-east China-central China "group shape" structure (hereinafter referred to as "three China power grid"), and the northwest, the northeast, the south three synchronization between dc power through contact, cost trillions of dollars.

The doctoral student adviser, tsinghua university of tsinghua university electrical engineering department flexible exchange WangZhongHong think the research fellow of the power transmission and distribution, three China power grid will destroy Chinese through long-term practice proved to be reasonable, and the zoning of safety layered, scattered external power supply of the "three points" structure.

Former huanan power administration, agency of vice-president ZhangYuYing think, chief engineer exchange network existence and stability of the system collapse hazard, big ac synchronous power grid can't take complete and reliable three passes, is inevitable collapse of large area of blackouts.

"Europe and the United States and Russia have studied for application, ac uhv failure, the United Nations documents and the conclusion, why ChongZou the world has failed road?" The original ShengChanSi power are engineers, international power grid MengDingZhong told the committee members.

In 2005, the United Nations economic society, a report said: "ac 1200 kv was in Russia, however, use more than 1000 kv, can bear such a high voltage of the actual difficulty, equipment and insulation price too high to be used, all."

It is reported, "three China power grid" will cover 19 provinces and cities (including four municipalities directly under the central government), control 70% of the country economy of scale and the installed capacity and nearly 75% of electric power users and nearly two-thirds of the population power consumption market. DingGongYang think, once the power grid power failures occur, will lead to communication system interruption, electrified railway system, endangering the paralysis in Beijing, Shanghai and other social and economic development in the heart of electricity and economic security.

For expert questioned by Chinese power science research institute, says the world is established the leading level in the power system simulation center, since 2006, the level of each year, all kinds of planning scheme, DuoZhong operation ways of a great deal of research, showed that the "three China power grid ultra-high voltage grid" reasonable structure, high safety and stability of the level, obviously better than the 500 kv power grid.

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