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Cabinet Hardware face bones to make small things big secret hidden

    Cabinet vanity project to do well - that is, apart from the cabinet to choose the right panel,booster cables the cabinet should be strong bones - but also to choose the right hardware accessories.


    Hinge is what we often say hinges or hinge, each cabinet will involve the use of hinges, cabinet hardware fittings is the top priority.battery clip According to continental Europe to send to Miss cabinets, good hinges have to stand the test, loading capacity is better, switch to smooth, quiet, no noise. If the load-bearing hinge is weak and easily deformed or even cause the door loose. Used as the EU to send cabinet hinges,tow rope cabinet door switch when the door does not feel heavy, smooth and no noise, and there will be a buffer, a good protection of the door, but also through hundreds of thousands of times the switch test,ratchet tie dowm five year warranty.


    Rail and hinge, just as using too many cabinets accessories hardware features. Good guide good loading capacity, resistance, switching smoothly, the drawer is not loose. EU to send cabinet adopted as the Austrian imports of all damping BLUM track, gently push the drawer to be closed smoothly, and with a buffer, muffler, mute and more smoothly. Tibetan track down the smaller the space, an increase of drawer storage space, clean up more convenient.


    Optional hinged door wall cabinet, you can choose the support plate turned up the door open. Good pressure device can reduce the weight of the user a sense of when to open the door, and with a buffer, to better protect the door.

    Miss Lu said, "you pay for" the use of cabinets is not something that happens overnight, durable, good quality hardware accessories while prices will be relatively higher, but maintenance can save a lot of trouble to ensure that the life of the cabinet From this perspective, a little more money is worth it.

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