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Nanjing 173 polluting enterprises to stop not hesitate to change to promote low-carbon economy

     2011 is the "five" in the first year, "low-carbon development, energy conservation," the future business based on the most basic requirements. July 3, Nanjing released to the media 173 "three high and two low" ratchet tie dowm (high pollution, high energy consumption, high emission and low efficiency, low output) rectification list of enterprises shut down,booster cables a wave of consolidation polluters off, Nanjing Government to promote low-carbon economy is pulling no punches.
     It is understood that the announcement of the 173 enterprises, 82 enterprises for pollution nuisance, 85 is thebattery clip chemical enterprise special rectification, there are six companies for the backward production capacity, all 173 companies will be the first stop, the local district and county governments rectification and disposal of their organizations. This 173 companies, there is no lack of central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, the reorganization of the cut-off for Nanjing's economy will have some impact, but the Nanjing municipal government has determined to these polluters, tow rope "a declaration of war", but also the people a blue sky green water environment pollution in order to avoid similar problems, true "low-carbon economy" series launched a series of "cut" action.

     In recent years, companies with high energy consumption, air pollution, wastewater treatment is not in place due to water pollution and acid rain and other hazards, and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration will lead to global climate change, has been identified as human destruction of the natural environment, unhealthy conventional energy production and use of lifestyle brought about serious consequences. In this context, the "carbon footprint", "low-carbon economy", "low-carbon technologies", "low-carbon development", "low-carbon lifestyle", "low-carbon society", "low-carbon city", "low-carbon world "and a series of new concepts, new policy came into being. The values ??of energy and economy, and the results of the implementation of major change will gradually move towards a new way of ecological civilization, and before the early 20th century to abandon the traditional growth model, the direct application of the new century, innovations and innovative mechanisms, through low-carbon economy mode and low-carbon lifestyle, enterprise and social sustainable development of the country's future the inevitable result.

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