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« Space, space solar energy 2.0 times to return to public viewNanjing 173 polluting enterprises to stop not hesitate to change to promote low-carbon economy »

China world's leading wind energy technology, the first global wind energy capacity

    Recently, the "2011 Eighth International New Energy Technology Forum and Show" in Lanzhou, the International Solar Energy Center. From the United Nations and relevant international organizations, China, New Zealand, more than 30 countries, government officials, experts, entrepreneurs, more than 150 people attended the forum.

     The forum "sunshine industry, low-carbon world" as the theme, experts and scholars with national solar, wind and other new energy-related practice, around the current domestic and international solar energy, wind power industry development and trends,ratchet tie dowm and building integrated solar integration technology, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation technology, the world of new renewable energy policies and other related topics were discussed and exchange. World Wind Energy Association,  resistance professor, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand national green architect Robert Weir, director of the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Tsinghua University, Professor Zhang Xing and other foreign experts, entrepreneurs have made ??a wonderful forum report.

     Robert Weir said in the report, the use of human resources currently find resources faster than the speed of the past 40 years, doubling the number of human beings, by 2050 more than 90 million people, carbon dioxide emissions will continue to increase , drought, floods and other weather disasters, and growing, to promote the building to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, we should care, and to develop performance goals, the establishment of sanctions and incentives to increase the promotion of solar power generation, large-scale wind, solar photovoltaic the use of new energy systems.

     Professor Anne Mallorca resistance, "the world the role of wind energy mix," the report noted that in 2010, a survey shows that China's wind capacity is first in the world, the Chinese year of wind energy reserves are 10 years of reserves in other countries this proves that China has the world's leading wind energy technology. Repeated increases in fuel prices, wind energy resource be the most stable resources, so to make good use of wind energy resources, its greater role to play.

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