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Container modular power system will become the "general trend"

        ActivePower vice president, global business and sales general manager, said Martin Olsen, power supply and cooling system from the traditional data center deployment into a modular, has become a trend. At present, this change is slow, however, as the traditional conservative major shift in the data center industry, this does not mean that end users will not change their minds.

    "The industry is indeed in the upgrading of technology rather slow, hot aisle, cold-aisle layout is a good example. Obviously, at that time although other forms of layout is outdated, but still took about 10 years before development we see today's data centers look like. "

    The benefits of standardized modular, standardized itself can reduce costs. Martin said, "For example, it can use standardized control, ratchet tie dowm cost-sharing in two data centers. On the other hand, will save half the cost, because they no longer need another set of custom control systems. Another advantage of modular deployment is based on actual user demand, and gradually expand the data center configuration, thus avoiding large one-time investment and operation and maintenance costs of the waste. "

    Coming PowerHouse

    ActivePower into the container market power has been a few years old, PowerHouse is the box-type power supplies. Financial report, first quarter 2011 results ActivePower 56% increase over the previous year, its chief financial officer Jiang Pan Park tells us that the reason for this is due to sales performance is the key to a complete power solutions, including PowerHouse.

    ActivePower provide 480V and 400V voltage of the two PowerHouse. 480V voltage PowerHouse solutions include 240,480,720,960 kW four sizes; 400V voltage PowerHouse solutions include 200,400,600,800 kW four specifications.

       ActivePower flywheel UPS full load efficiency of 98%, the efficiency of traditional UPS in 90% to 91%. In general, large data center utilization below 50% load, this time ActivePower efficiency flywheel UPS is 97%, 40% with load rate is 94%; and traditional batteries these two figures were 85% 87% and 82% to 83%. Therefore, the data center is more meaningful, with the lower rate set when the flywheel energy saving more.

    Fast and flexible modular deployment

    Limited construction area, construction costs, construction time, energy consumption, operation maintenance and many other factors, with rapid deployment capabilities and way more flexible, more economical and reliable operation of the box-type data center is increasingly becoming the new darling of the market. As the box of traditional data center indispensable UPS system, temperature changes due to external fluctuations frequently lead to battery discharge and other potential hazards to development was limited. The ActivePower integrated flywheel UPS modular PowerHouse, solve this security risk, a more secure, reliable, efficient, energy-saving performance and features a box-type data center power distribution system of choice.

    2011 in Norway, the Nordic World Ski Championships held in the power system that is deployed PowerHouse system. Some experts point out that using this type of power supply modules to support containerized data center, from the current situation is not common. However, in the next five to ten years, with such equipment to support existing data center power load model will be popular. This is because the much-needed transformation of the data centers face the problem of insufficient space, while the flywheel UPS does not use the advantages of the battery will be the most suitable solution.

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