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Explosion-proof industrial TV monitoring system outlined in the construction of standards

   In recent years, with the continuous development of society, people's awareness of production safety is improving, the industrial TV monitoring system is also more proof by many industries have a special background and special security needs of enterprises and units widely used. In China, such as petroleum, chemical, coal and defense, and many other industrial sectors in the production, processing, transportation and storage of the various processes, often there may be leaking or spilling out of a wide range of flammable gases, liquids and of dust and fibers from happening. Mixed with air such substancesratchet tie dowm may become an explosive mixture when the concentration of the mixture of explosive concentration range, once the fire that will cause an explosion and fire and other serious accidents. Therefore, in such dangerous environments of various devices must be certified through the professional organizations with explosion-proof explosion-proof products, the use of all equipment to go through the engineering firm with extensive operations in strict accordance with specifications and explosion-proof construction After the installation acceptance criteria can be put into actual production use. So as to maximize the protection of all aspects of the production process of the security requirements.
In explosive hazardous environments TV system installation and construction industry in addition to general industrial television systems to comply with relevant national standards and specification, but also the explosive environment in accordance with the installation of electrical equipment standards and specifications, there is a conflict in both the Department should an explosive hazardous electrical equipment installation standards. Here's proof industrial TV monitoring system in the actual construction projects in some of the technical standards and construction experience to be summarized:

1 cable laying

According to specifications and actual construction experience in the explosive atmosphere inside the plant and distribution lines are generally designed to bridge the main pipe laying cable channel, supplemented with all cables should be used with flame retardant cable.

Cable laying route should stay away from the explosion source and the pipeline transportation of explosive substances. For explosive gas atmospheres should examine the proportion of flammable and explosive gases, if the proportion of dangerous gases lighter than air, the cable should be laid in the following (along the wall or buried); for dangerous gases lighter than air environment, line cable should be laid in the above (along the wall or overhead).

Under normal circumstances, at ± 0.01m plane, first outdoor bridge introduced into the interior or along the wall after the column near to the device lead down to the cable channel (after laying sealed to prevent water and termite against), then wear pipe laid along the ground next to the device, then access to a flexible pipe explosion proof equipment. Than ± 0.00m for the plane, the electrical circuit are basically introduced by the bridge overhead, and then laid by the overhead bridge to wear a tube next to explosion-proof equipment, then access to a flexible conduit explosion proof equipment. Ditch laying electrical lines, or steel bridge across the different regions of the wall or floor at the empty non-flammable materials should be used (such as 100 # cement mortar or fire clay) tight plug. Cable lines should not have joints, threaded pipe should be low-pressure fluid Galvanized steel pipe. Pipe connections required to cover wire connections, 32mm diameter at least the following 5 buckle socket, 32mm socket above the minimum diameter of 6 buckle. Explosion-proof line laying to be completely equipped with galvanized steel pipe, steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe connections require access. At the galvanized pipe every five need to install anti-riot junction box. Galvanized pipe end and explosion-proof boxes, explosion-proof and explosion-proof PTZ camera connection required explosion-proof enclosures flex-tube connection. General theory, 4 galvanized pipe can penetrate 2-3 a square below the cable. But in the actual construction process ends with the explosion-proof box galvanized pipe, explosion-proof and explosion-proof PTZ cameras connected to cover the device because the diameter of the connection location restrictions, each flex-tube 4 can have only one line penetration . Therefore, in program design and site construction, we should try to use more than 6 points diameter galvanized steel pipe for laying. And the corresponding end of the terminal equipment should all increase with the corresponding diameter of the equipment standards.

(2) the installation of equipment

Explosion-proof equipment of its own weight and load are generally larger in the actual installation of the first to choose a stable, strong enough to carry the device mounting surface and support assembly equipment.

All electrical equipment, connectors should be explosion-proof equipment in explosion-proof chamber or cavity within the junction box, the connection between the use of explosion-proof equipment, flexible tube, sealed lead pipe explosion proof equipment supplied should be used product or environment to choose the site of explosion-proof grade products, according to the different risk areas for lead pipe clay should be added after the cable penetration sealing. If the device has a rotating or moving functions, the introduction of equipment, cables and flexible pipes should be sufficient margin to avoid the equipment cited turning off the flex-tube pull the interface and cable, bare wire exposed to hazardous environments. Explosion-proof and explosion-proof junction box should be explosion-proof camera head and into the hood of the location of installation. As proof PTZ camera with a larger number of internal cables. Installation into the explosion on the selection of flex-tube connection can reduce the difficulty of construction, maintenance and troubleshooting easy debugging reasons.

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