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« Dr. Huang Chenhong Schneider Electric's APC became president of Greater ChinaElectric power system on the fiber to the home communication industry crush »

Second Five things to put growth into a key to the Nuggets

   By the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology-led "Internet of Things" five "plan" has completed the drafting work, submitted to the Ministry of the final planning stages. Along with the "second Five-Year Plan" was released, hard to find things for the development opportunities of many enterprises, how to grasp the value of growth?ratchet tie dowm Faced with the challenge of traditional habits, the multitude of things in the application, the business where the Nuggets?

    booster cables The era of things have been close to us

    With the city's gradual "long high", large-scale construction of energy issues have caused widespread concern: Many large buildings have air conditioning throughout the year to adjust room temperature by high-power energy-saving construction is imminent.

    battery clip Jinan Hi-tech Development Zone in the Springs, a building energy monitoring system is about in a test run on the large public buildings. Energy Controls Technology, Shandong Heng Yi Yin Chao told reporters, general manager, electrical equipment for buildings, lighting electricity consumption, using distributed sensors to achieve real-time data acquisition, and installation in a building with digital transmission of the smart meter, gas meters, ultrasonic heat meter, realize the water, tow rope gas, heat (cold) consumption of real-time acquisition, all data are comprehensive energy consumption data acquisition by real-time upload to the "building energy monitoring and management information system", and the City level monitoring system and network, you can achieve all the public buildings of a city power line monitoring.

    "Can be achieved by the sensor on the indoor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentrations on-line monitoring, in order to achieve comfort in the assurance case for cooling, heating and scientific equipment for energy-saving control, blind control to change the current status of rule of thumb." Yin Chao said, "We can also increase the indoor environment monitoring."

    The middle of Shandong Province of Things Software Engineering Research Center, told reporters when following Jun, things can also be known as sensor networks, China is not the Internet of things started late in some areas, was very common.

    "Like food traceability in agriculture, including farming, processing and marketing, etc.; in advanced agricultural production, such as greenhouses where temperature, humidity, soil pH, through a variety of sensors to control the growth of crops, the environment, material networking has become so common. "when, following Chun said," Another example is the wisdom of the city's construction, toll collection systems, aerospace technology and security aspects, there are also things of the application. "

    The meeting point to find value

    Many consumers do not understand things the need to use this new technology, more out of curiosity. Meanwhile, the market demand is relatively dispersed, with the appropriate technology, many enterprises can not find things of value growth.

    Fudan University, ASIC & System State Key Laboratory and the International Organization for Standardization things EPCglobal (AutoID) China Min Hao, director of the laboratory, told reporters the basic things now encounter technical problems, nearly 95% have been resolved , but the things of the business problem, apply the model of the problem, or give it in the end how much we value life, this is not clear, and not a very clear business model, which is the development of things experienced the biggest bottlenecks.

    Yin Chao told reporters, "We have the appropriate technologies to store, but because the market demand for small and very dispersed, in which case the cost is relatively higher, we are waiting for the emergence of business opportunities."

    "Now, the value of an isolated system of things to play a limited role, really good to find the point of application, and to expand the scale of the enterprise, not many things have not reached a wide range of applications." Chun said the following when, as the technology The concept of development and change in people's lives, things will become more widespread application.

    Many bottlenecks to be a breakthrough

    Recently, sensor network has been completed six draft national standards, and this is the first time put forward the basic norms of sensor networks for sensor network applications in various industries provides a standardized reference system.

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