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Hardware to create a Hardware City of China

    Technology Hardware City of China was founded in 1992, in a short period of ten years at the time, the momentum, grow, and Yongkang hardware industry promoted by hand, gained considerable development, booster cables market turnover increased from 3 billion to 300 billion.
    Operating area expanded from 500 acres to 1,000 acres, the business expanded to 780 stores from 4600, 19 categories of tens of thousands of hardware products and related products,battery clip radiation throughout the country and the world more than 170 countries and regions, with daily traffic 20,000 trips , flow of thousands of tons of Japanese goods, the market turnover more than 16% average annual growth rate in 2007 exceeded 300 billion yuan, formed metal features, tow rope science and technology, culture, domestic and international renowned brand of professional large-scale hardware market, ratchet tie dowm among the "top ten brands in China market" list.

    Technology Hardware City of China directly contributes to the continuous prosperity and Yongkang hardware industry clusters. Goods, technology, personnel, information and other elements of the gathering, the local hardware manufacturing sector with domestic and international standards, and gradually create economies of scale, marketing network, innovation, regional brand, and many other advantages, and promote a number of small to large manufacturing enterprises , from weak to strong, from family workshops to modern business, from the original manual developed to CNC operation, achieved Yongkang hardware industry and the overall expansion of the size increase, but also led the Wuyi, Jinyun and other neighboring cities and counties in the initiation hardware manufacturing and development. Yongkang an unprecedented burst of vitality of urban development. Market practitioners 2 million people, around the market to provide catering, transport services and other personnel 1 million people, the market also is linked to local and even tens of thousands of business customers throughout the country, forming a large number of people, materials, information, and directly contributed to Yongkang city's logistics and transport, finance, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, e-commerce and other business services to the prosperity of the rapid expansion of total economic output, Yongkang.

    The development of science and technology hardware city of China, relying on the market functions format of continuous innovation. Technology Hardware City of China to spend huge amounts of money each year for marketing, advertising and image advertising. At home and abroad to create "Hardware City of China" brand image; further enhance the "Hardware City of China" brand influence. Technology Hardware City of China will be the city brand, brand integration market, has now become synonymous with the most vivid Yongkang. Annual session of China Science and Technology Hardware Hardware Fair is an important extension of the city market functions. Has been successfully held 12 sessions, each fair has thousands of good credit, the strength of manufacturing enterprises, foreign trade companies, research institutions attend the Fair, displaying over 100,000 kinds of products. Become Yongkang hardware companies at home and abroad show the brand image, to discuss cooperation in trade, understanding of industry dynamics, exchange scientific research and technology, cultivate the brand platform to further promote the market to adjust and optimize the product structure, and promote market transactions to the brand, international direction . In recent years, around the modern trade system, international market development needs, has set up e-commerce investment, import and export and exhibition services company, to do bigger and the modern service industry, through the Internet and other intangible product sales market extends to hardware around the world, expanding the market operations. Market-oriented operation, will market the brand extension to the exhibition, logistics, e-commerce; to intangible assets, etc., around the country set up a sub-markets or the establishment of friendly market; exporting countries increasing exports expanded. In the guidance of the Seventeenth Party Congress, China Technology Hardware City will speed up the pace with international standards, and constantly enhance the market competitiveness of science and technology hardware city of China's hardware industry to truly become an incubator for manufacturing base power source, to bring Chinese Technology Hardware City new glories.

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