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« Electric power system on the fiber to the home communication industry crushChina energy-saving environmental protection industry five years significantly more than the industry growth rate »

Analysis of the existence of the four instruments manufacturing difficulties

   According to relevant statistics, China in early 2006, has become the second largest in Asia outside of Japan instrument producer. China instrument industry, after years of rapid development, have become a rich variety of product categories, production and development capabilities of the system becoming a huge industry, sales growth is also a triumph, but difficulties were still hidden. Following with you to analyze the practical difficulties.

    1, slow innovation and capacity building, technical source is present, China is experiencing a bottleneck through technological innovation to change the industrial structure, enhance the national economy and all aspects of an important historical period. Instrumentation used to measure people's means of access to information from nature. At present, China imports most of advanced instrumentation, but the most advanced instrumentation in the laboratory are generally self-developed, ratchet tie dowm the market can not buy. China to conduct first-class scientific and technological innovation can not just rely on imported goods instrumentation, must now carry out the most advanced instrumentation development activities. After years of efforts to fight for our country's scientific and technical personnel to provide the most advanced home-made instruments.

    2, firm size and quality constraints of development of the industry

    2011, the industry-wide scale enterprises 5521, 92.7 million workers, total assets of 450.7 billion yuan, 525.3 billion yuan of industrial output value, sales revenue 511.6 billion yuan, total profit of 38.7 billion yuan. Overall strength of Chinese enterprises has been markedly improved. But the situation remains uneven. The quality of enterprise anti-war constraints of the industry.

    3, "GDP" is still a serious impact on instrument development in recent years has yielded high, but very much by the "GDP" effect. Single speed pursuit of business development of unhealthy patterns, ignoring product innovation, product quality, the development of the industry there are many unhealthy factors.

    4, instrumentation technology is an important advantage of the developed countries maintain the position

    Another feature of the instrumentation industry import and export deficit is relatively large, the machinery industry 13 industry one of the largest trade deficit. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's exports of instrumentation products for 30% of the annual growth rate, exceeding $ 10 billion medium-term, end than $ 15 billion; instrumentation products is expected to import about 20% annual growth, "Eleventh Five-Year" Dynasty instrumentation products imported over $ 20 billion. However, the key instrumentation equipment, China still lags behind developed countries.

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