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China energy-saving environmental protection industry five years significantly more than the industry growth rate

   "China's GDP is only about 37% of the United States, but with less energy consumption; GDP of China and Japan is almost, but energy consumption is four times the latter, we can see how our energy waste."

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Division Zhou Changyi feeling. According to statistics, as early as "15" period, the total domestic emissions of pollutants increased about 50 percent more than China's environmental carrying capacity.

Break the bottleneck of resources and the environment and achieve sustainable economic and social development, energy conservation plays a key role in environmental protection industry. Current energy-saving environmental protection industry in China has been ranked first in seven strategic emerging industries, pillar industries of national economy.

Only ten thousandths of enterprises with independent intellectual property

According to statistics, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's energy-saving environmental protection industry for 15% -20% annual compound growth rate, significantly more than industrial growth. 2010 output up to 2 trillion yuan, accounting for 5% of GDP,ratchet tie dowm employment driven 28 million.

However, China's energy-saving environmental protection industry as a whole in the international division of labor River, at a disadvantage in international competition. To energy-saving lamps, for example, China is the world's largest producer of energy-saving lamps, annual production of 3.8 billion, global production of about 1 / 3, but the main production of the low-end products and OEM products for foreign.

Industry concentration is low, there is no division of labor in the production chain, there are multinational corporations carve up the domestic market risk. To waste incineration power generation, for example, our daily processing capacity of more than 10,000 tons of only five companies, industry concentration is less than 8%, far lower than developed countries about 30% of industry concentration. In water treatment, water current foreign domestic cities have occupied 20% market share. Been asked a number of foreign price increases, directly affecting the normal production and life of the local water.

At present the majority of our energy saving enterprises, rely mainly on imitation, agents and purchase of foreign technology or equipment, there is no innovation-driven development model. "Chinese companies less R & D institutions, R & D intensity is low, restricting the ability to play an important factor in innovation." Cross-border environmental companies Keppel Seghers Li Daqing Chief Representative in Beijing, said European and American investment in energy saving technology companies accounted for sales of general 15% -20%, while the domestic high-tech enterprises an average of 2%, and only ten thousandths of enterprises with independent intellectual property rights.

Development Bank loans to energy service companies difficulties

In recent years, China attaches great importance to energy-saving environmental protection industry, and introduced a series of supportive policies. However, due to energy saving in different industries and traditional industries, the development has its own characteristics, related enterprises and so did not really get "affordable."

For example, China's financial institutions and energy saving business, "butt" are still barriers, restricting the capital-intensive energy-saving environmental protection industry. The "energy services company, for example, energy management projects in the implementation of the contract, you need to advance the amount of funds, with the implementation of the project increased, increasing financial pressure, if not financial support, corporate development will be difficult to sustain." China Energy Conservation Chen Shuguang, deputy general manager, said environmental groups, energy service companies early stage of development is usually small, less than its own assets, often because of lack of collateral, collateral and obtain bank loans.

"In the past, financial support for the traditional industries, often through the 'big loans, big project' to achieve, while the energy-saving environmental protection industry is different from a loan need more flexible and longer cycle." Merchants Bank president Ma Weihua said, which the operation of financial institutions to increase the difficulty and risk, and therefore innovation in credit products, to broaden the scope of the guarantee.

Difficult to regulate energy services trading order

Over the years, the traditional energy-saving environmental protection industry is as simple services, scattered in various energy, emitting sectors, dependent on energy emissions of the main industries, no longer meet the current situation of energy conservation needs.

"Service industry generally lags behind the manufacturing sector, since the establishment of service standards more difficult, not easy to form a standard transaction prices and trading order." State Council Development Research Center of Resources and Environmental Policy Institute, Zuo-Jun, deputy director, said energy environmental protection industry should pay attention to follow the law of development services, to avoid too much emphasis on technical, financial, project and other "material factor", and ignore the system, rules, standards.

Environmental protection industry, for example, China's more than 1,500 sewage treatment plants operational by the nearly one thousand of the main, if not strict operating system and regulatory measures, the construction companies may use non-standard or outdated technical equipment, sewage plant operators have possible fraud.

Department of Environmental Protection, State Oceanic Administration has eight departments in the southern province of the inspection found that the local sewage treatment plant is running smooth, pipe network, on-line monitoring equipment and other problems in terms of effective operation, some treatment plants, or they were not operating equipment, or to clean water as sewage treatment, in order to meet the inspection.

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