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High-voltage electrical test equipment into income and put into operation the peak surge

  Published in 2011, reported that revenue and net profit of 121 million yuan and 43.56 million yuan, an increase of 84.97% and 72.18%. In terms of products, a slight increase in low-voltage electrical detection of 10.44% year on year, lower high-voltage electrical inspection and test equipment by the base peak in the coming into operation of the dual impact of income surged 284.49 percent, revenue accounting for the first time more than 50% to 57%. Intends to shareholders for every 10 shares were distributed $ 10 (tax included), and increase by transferring 10 shares, pending shareholder approval program.

    Announcement raised funds over the project, the proposed construction 1000MVA sudden short-circuit power transformers, temperature rise test systems and R & D center is expected to put into operation the end of 2012. We believe that will further enhance the ratchet tie dowm comprehensive experimental detection, the overall construction period with the progress of equipment put into operation.

    Development of the company will rely mainly on high-pressure test plate, the core driver from the new testing equipment put into operation to bring new business. Revenue from high-voltage electrical testing accounted for less than 2% in 2008 quickly increased to 57% in mid-2011, reflecting the company's increased investment in segments, gradually put into operation equipment business increased. As of the end of June 2011, raised the tender to complete 44%; of Disclosure "in progress" growth of 48 percent, "construction materials" were down 15 percent, "fixed assets" remained stable, reflecting the new projects under construction peak. We expect 2011 to 2013 is a switch to fixed-intensive period, when the impact of capacity expansion by the test, the company earnings will show a "step" growth.

    Earnings forecasts and investment advice: the future of low-voltage detection or synchronous development of the industry stable, high-voltage test equipment put into operation with the contribution of growth. EPS is expected from 2011 to 2013, respectively 2.17,3.19 and 4.75 yuan. Considered to be 10 to switch 10 and sent $ 10, raised funds projects focused on the comprehensive experimental ability to enhance and support the company's future development, to "overweight" rating, target price of $ 120.

    Risk Warning: 2013 peak to switch solid revenue growth or decline; Transmission and invest in programs and projects need to raise shareholders' meeting over the approval.

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