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Oscilloscope industry trend of increasingly widespread use five

    Rapidly changing technology, the scope of the latest applications are endless. Oscilloscope manufacturers must closely follow the trend of new applications, designed to meet the specific needs of the user's scope and software applications. This article will address five oscilloscope market trend analysis.

    Trend 1: The measurement from the parallel to serial measurement development

    Past an embedded design often parallel architecture, which means that each bus has its own part of the path. Therefore, if you can use the state pattern trigger or trigger an event of interest to find out, you can visually decode the data on the bus.

    However, the general design of modern embedded serial architecture - that is continuously sending data bus. The reason is that it requires less board space, lower cost, and using an embedded clock, and lower power requirements. Figure 1 shows theratchet tie dowm CAN data stream, which in addition to the embedded clock outside, CAN frame identifier information includes start address, data length code, data, CRC and the end of the frame identifier. This serial data analysis and trigger data is usually much more difficult than the parallel.

    Therefore, the oscilloscope manufacturers now offer a variety of serial data triggering, search features and protocols observation procedures to help you find and decode events and measurement. For example, AgilentInfiniium90000A Series oscilloscope with serial data analysis software package that supports a large number of protocols, including CAN, LIN, I2C, SPI, Flexray, SAS, SATA, XAUI, Fibre Channel, DVI / HDMI, Infiniband and PCI-express (1.1 and 2.0).

    With such agreements in emerging and next generation protocol to enter the market, oscilloscope vendors have to keep up with the pace of development of new technologies, allowing users to effectively use these protocols to work.

    Trend 2: mixed-signal oscilloscope

    Mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO) is more than a dozen years ago by Hewlett-Packard / Agilent Technologies first introduced. It is a comprehensive test instrument, with the availability of the oscilloscope, logic analyzer measurement capabilities as well as some serial protocol analysis. In the MSO's display, you can view a variety of time-aligned analog and digital waveforms. Although the MSO failed to provide logic analyzer can provide all the channels (MSO usually 2 to 4 analog inputs and about 16 digital inputs), but its use can make up for it. Logic analyzer is too complex, difficult to use, and the oscilloscope is relatively simple. This is the advantage of MSO - set the strengths of a variety of test equipment, and in between them to find the perfect balance.

    MSO is a popular technology for the current mixed-signal embedded systems created. For example, automotive electronic systems usually have a digitally controlled analog motor controllers and sensors. In the past, people often choose traditional oscilloscopes to analyze such systems, but often not sufficient to trigger the oscilloscope capability and input channels. Therefore, it must also use the logic analyzer, resulting in a more complex setup and operation.

    MSO completely solve this problem, and proven, embedded mixed-signal system is to analyze the best equipment.

    Trend 3: Powerful portable oscilloscope / custom general purpose oscilloscope

    In the past, high-performance oscilloscopes are huge size, portable oscilloscope performance, and low, and the user can only either. Modern design and high-speed serial data so that many people urgently need a portable high-performance oscilloscope. AgilentInfiniiVision7000 Series oscilloscope should be born, even though its small size (6.5 inches deep and weighs 13 pounds), but with MegaZoomIII deep memory, to 100,000 waveforms / sec update rate, hardware-accelerated serial triggering and decode.

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