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Shanghai and wind power utility model patents are highest in the first domestic provinces

    The new energy industry in Shanghai, recently announced a set of numbers can be described as mixed: solar, wind and other technology patent applications, the Shanghai provinces and autonomous regions in China in the forefront, but compared with multinational corporations, local businesses and research institutions is very different. In this global concern, the highly competitive field, Shanghai should do something, you must also add a fresh.

    Not long ago,ratchet tie dowm in a meeting, Fudan University Intellectual Property Research Centre Professor Zhang Naigen gave reporters an edited by him, just last month published a monograph "clean energy and technology transfer." Rough doubled, the reporter is a set of data has attracted in the field of solar energy, utility model patents Shanghai 13% of the country's total, and Jiangsu provinces and autonomous regions tied for first in the Mainland; invention, the Shanghai places the proportion of 6% and Beijing with hold the top spot.booster cables In the field of wind energy, Shanghaibattery clip , utility model and invention patents are in first place, accounting for 9% of all proportion.

    Patents (including utility models and patents) is a measure of the number of important indicators of the strength of innovation. At first glance, Shanghai, two in the new energy technologies, among the national forefront of the four indicators, the results can be described as good. But a careful reading of this "report card", but can hardly be satisfied with China's tow rope invention patents in solar energy technology, 43% from Japan, the United States and South Korea, when coupled with China Taiwan, foreign applications accounted for more than 60%, Shanghai them, the only ranked fifth. Wind energy to a lesser extent, but also outside the patent more than 1 / 3.

    Specific to each applicant for a patent to be ranked, the gap between domestic and international solar energy technology is larger, the amount of Chinese patent applicants are before the nine foreign companies. Involved in wind energy, China's top five by U.S. and European companies patent monopolies; Shanghai Electric, although ranked sixth, but GE's patent is only 1 / 5.

    Nai Root said in the past two years, he led the completion of a new energy technology research found that China's wind energy and solar energy need of 17 key technologies, all control in the developed countries. He has a large field study of domestic wind farms, found that even the fans debugging are foreign companies.

    "Eleventh Five-Year", especially in recent years, China's new energy fields in the show's ambition of developed countries caused the alert.

    In June, the United States to the WTO against China for wind power research and development subsidies to businesses, in fact, initiated by China, U.S. industry active defense. Zhang Ping, Deputy Dean of Peking University Institute of Intellectual Property that, in the first half, the United States and Japan released the innovative strategic plan, aimed against China, including a major new energy technologies, including an attempt to interfere with Chinese patent holding company based development.

    As efforts to develop high-tech city area, Shanghai New Energy industry is driving in the fast lane. Last year, the industry grew more than 30%, is expected to exceed 50%. But Nai roots that run on wind and solar, Shanghai business in China is not really the biggest, strongest, also face barriers and risks of foreign intellectual property. The next few years, Shanghai to further increase public investment. He suggested the establishment of Shanghai as soon as possible a national clean energy R & D center to develop a capture key patents in the field of strategy and implementation framework, and establish a sound mechanism for the integration of research.

    Municipal Intellectual Property Joint Secretary Lu Guoqiang, said the development of "strategic guidance on intellectual property rights in emerging industries," the city is the focus of this year, "comments" will focus on new energy industries, providing patent information, patent early warning, personnel training and other services.

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