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The elimination of backward production capacity of Shanghai main energy-efficient brand motor industry

    Recently, the Shanghai Motor Trade Association of Shanghai, the motor industry, "second Five Year Plan" put forward recommendations, which is an important component to promote the development of efficient motors.

    Development objectives of the sub-area

    The Association suggested that in areas of major equipment, to accelerate development of large, special emphasis, special designed products.

    Complete high-speed large-scale conversion of natural gas and other motor development and the main motor of the trial the two projects.tow rope This project has traditionally been the monopoly of a few multinational companies, there is the development of stress analysis, and many other parts of the rotor design and technological difficulties, when completed, will achieve the country's first breakthrough.

    Complete the nuclear power nuclear main pump motor and IE class emergency diesel generators and other projects. Nuclear main pump motor giant now monopolized by only a small number of motors will be developed through several years to absorb,ratchet tie dowm to insulation materials, insulation is a breakthrough for China's main pump motor to provide the manufacture of nuclear technology and ultimately with the R & D capabilities.

    Completion of the new series of medium voltage induction generator development - a small plastic insulation medium-sized induction motor, using domestic instead of imported products, product performance and comparable foreign motors.

    Wind power machine, the wind power industry to implement access system, and limit the number of out low-end products, but some of the wind power technology in Shanghai R & D ability, product quality and stability, with a fairly well-known brand and the whole companies, will enter the development "fast-track."

    The Association, the Shanghai motor industry plan Jiefeng power machine of new orders during the year 10 billion yuan, sales income of 4 billion to 50 billion; 2 MW wind turbines further optimized 3.6 MW direct-drive fan, semi-direct drive technology is stepping up research and development. Through technological breakthroughs, reducing the breakthrough, innovative talent, to play the East Harbor and two bases of the respective advantages of Taiwan, in 2014 plans to achieve sales revenue $ 14 billion.

    In the "Eleventh Five-Year" through the introduction, digestion, absorption, complete the 1.25 MW and 2 MW wind turbines, based on the "five" will be formed to develop an optimized and production capacity, further development of the 3.6 MW wind turbines, the output of 4 billion to $ 500 million. Meanwhile, the permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine design research, based on the completion of design drawings, pay close attention to the work of family selection.

    Focus on developing high-efficiency motors

    "Twelve Five" period, the development of efficient motors in accordance with international market trends and national policy driven, there will be substantial progress. Meanwhile, the firm behind the high energy-consuming products out of the device.

    Beginning July 1 this year, out of the current implementation of three ordinary motor identify energy efficiency, energy efficiency forward to two, and gradually realize the domestic motor replaced by the efficient motor. At the same time, promoting its new energy in the automotive industry and automotive fields.

    Motor vehicle product will adhere to the "industrial internationalization, technological innovation, product differentiation and information network" of development. "Twelve Five" period, motor vehicle sales growth will reach 15%. R & D investment of over 4% of average sales. At the same time, strengthen research with the development of market demand for hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles Electric motor, mass production system.

    Hope that the introduction of policies to support

    The Association believes that support to accelerate the introduction of policies to promote efficient motor.

    Motor is a material-intensive traditional industries, materials and account for 80% of the cost, product innovation is relatively weak, but is widely used. At present a considerable number of enterprises within the industry, inadequate investment in technology development 5% of sales, low or even less than 1%, a serious impediment to product innovation and development.

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