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8 Burke UPS power off the assembly line and machine technical success

   Recently, through R & D and engineering personnel Burke consistent hard work, Burke brand CHP3000 Series UPS 8 digital products and computer technology R & D success. Burke person through continuous efforts, and the machine made ??a leap of technological breakthroughs, the UPS of eight lines of digital products using ring connection and computer technology, and any one machine off-line will not be affected, the overall and more stable and reliable systems, UPS power supply industry in the field,ratchet tie dowm Burke's 8 UPS and computer technology is a highlight.

     In recent years, more than one power in the field of UPS UPS is a parallel development, and a single UPS capacity in the manufacturing bottleneck will have a limited power to create more high-power UPS power supply must be used in parallel technology. In order to master the technology, as early as three years ago, Burke began to invest substantial human and material resources for research and development related technologies, to overcome the parallel technology development, and many important and difficult issues, genlock, and are streaming technology makes the Park grams UPS power to the maximum number of parallel 10.

     At the same time, Burke and UPS power supply in the machine technology, independent research and development of a UPS synchronization controller has received a national utility model patent, the synchronous controller and machine technology in the UPS, the UPS can supply the machine technology is more secure and reliable.

     R & D personnel, according to Burke: "Burke's the latest digital products CHP Series UPS 8 off the assembly line and machine successfully, Burke not only fill our product line in the original and the blank machine, expand the product range of applications Burke, adds to the customer's choice, so our hard work is worth it for customers a choice in the products we are pleased that the future Burke will continue to intensify in the UPS and have a greater field of machine break! "

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