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China North Vehicle recall abnormal sensor 54 EMU

      China has the world's high-speed rail to run the fastest high-speed railway have attracted much attention recently, the spate of motor car accidents, so that high-speed rail development in the radical after paying a terrible price, Ministry of Railways after careful thought, made ??a difficult decision: the high iron, spin-down price. However, a few days in the spin-down price, ratchet tie dowm August 10, China CNR announced the recall of subsidiary production and action has been put into operation CRH380BL EMU 54 large columns, because the EMU due to abnormalities within the automatic stop sensors .
    Long passenger vehicle, according to deputy general manager of North EMU project manager Zhao spent "the direct cause of the failure of the insulation of the sensor is not enough, resulting in anti-interference play a role in the sensor shield is burned, the sensor sends the wrong signal failure . "of course, this incident will only lead to automatic train stop, will not have any impact on train safety will only delay the train trip.

     At present, the Beijing-Shanghai line using CRH380BL EMU China has two successive failure occurs. Now, China North Vehicle Group is being delivered and undelivered CRH380BL EMU conduct a comprehensive survey, expected to be around in a normal delivery of the vehicle.

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