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And when the wind should Lee Wing Leung: PLC development path long way to go

   PLC has now been produced since 40 years, PLC market potential is still enormous. In China, PLC by matching the proportion of electromechanical products increased year by year, users control the use of conventional relays and other products, the proportion gradually shrinking.ratchet tie dowm Trends in the PLC, the most notable is the networking and intelligent, including the introduction of the Ethernet bus technology, is the fuzzy control, machine vision technology into the PLC, the PLC is greatly enriched range of applications, to improve the survival of the PLC. This issue will have interviews and profits when the wind power project to be vice president of Wing Leung,booster cables discuss trends and applications of PLC status.
  (1) PLC's initial appearance is to complete the control strategy, in order to replace the relay, allowing users complete control system similar to the battery clip relay ladder line, so most have to use a ladder programming, but with the complexity of mechatronic products of a gradual increase, not a lot of ladder correctly to complete the final programming, other programming languages ??will gradually be public like it. How do you programmatically ladder and other programming methods?

Ying-Rong Liang: Most of the current PLC industry, is still a traditional logic control applications, the ladder is still in such applications has more advantages, intuitive and simple. Ladder language is still currently the largest number of applications, tow rope the application of the industry's most widely used programming language. But with the control requirements of the upgrade, PLC functions and applications are gradually expanding, PLC data processing capacity and more powerful, more and more and more analog, logic control more complex, more and more points, the program series of more and more, in this application, require not only a traditional PLC, PLC ladder and other languages, but also requires a similar high-level language, structured text and sequential function chart language ST SFC language. ST language similar to the high-level computer language, to support judgments, circulation statement, in dealing with some complex calculations and algorithms when there is a greater advantage. SFC language is a sequential function chart, the order can be controlled by the process, more points for more steps called the standard process control areas. ST ladder language and the language of the SFC language is an important complement to PLC programming languages ??in the future an integral part.

(2) 1968 U.S. GM (General Motors) companies to replace the relay control device requirements, the second number of companies in the United States developed the first programmable logic controller, to meet the requirements of GM's assembly line. With integrated circuit technology and computer technology, now has the fifth-generation PLC product. You think the PLC, and its development trends? What your company will launch new products?

Liang Ying-Rong: The PLC now have the following trends:

1, PLC function more subdivided. More and more individual needs of the industry, especially small PLC, the part of a product often for industrial applications, a basic product to conquer the world situation will not occur again.

2, large and small PLC PLC boundaries become increasingly blurred. With the development of computer technology, small PLC data processing and communications capabilities have been greatly enhanced, in around 200 to 300 applications, many small PLC can also meet the requirements.

3, the network communication have become increasingly demanding. On the one hand, networking, integration requirements, making the PLC need more access to computer monitoring network, as a network node. On the other hand, intelligent instruments more widely, thus requiring PLC has more fieldbus interfaces can communicate directly with the smart meter.

4, user experience increasingly high demand. As the proliferation of computers, more computer users begin to accept some operational practices, so the PLC, especially in a higher programming requirements. User-friendly interface requirements, flexible operation, the upper and lower potential energy share the same database, programming easy to learn and so on.

In response to these trends, and profit when the market after thorough research and technology development, support for machinery and equipment industry, will soon bring to market LE series PLC, a little ability, communication, motion control, etc. are great compared to previous products improved.

(3) IEC developed a Windows-based programming language standard IEC61131-3, this should be said that the PLC is an international standard, how you look at this standard? Does your company's products implement this standard?

Ying-Rong Liang: IEC61131-3 The introduction of standardized PLC programming software standards, unified user specification allows the user to apply different manufacturers of the PLC, do not need to invest a lot of time to learn software programming. This PLC has a great advantage of the promotion.

And benefit from the first PLC began its programming software always follow the standard IEC61131-3 software, the future, we will develop according to this standard, to provide users with better products.

(4) It is said that the network is the Internet up with the problem, even down to the field bus problem, do you think of the PLC network and the bus problem?

Ying-Rong Liang: PLC, a trend that is networked. On the one hand, networking, integration requirements, making the PLC need more access to computer monitoring network, as a network node, thus requiring PLC with Ethernet communication capability. On the other hand, intelligent instruments more widely, thus requiring PLC has more fieldbus interfaces can communicate directly with the smart meter.

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