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Zhu Hai, president of China: Schneider's "other side" Raiders

   A good business is a mysterious world.

    Through the city's hustle and bustle and noisy, Schneider Electric's building stands dignified in Beijing Wang Jing Science Park, ratchet tie dowm northwest corner corner. Roadside bus stop of a large number of cars seems to remind us the city in front of buildings and the distance. But, if you watch thebooster cables CCTV and a little advertising in major newspapers and news reports, you will not be difficult to understand, inside the building, to make any decisions, battery clip are committed to building the Schneider Electric and China's "Zero . "

    Walked into the meeting room, a pair of gold spectacles do not in the head, a blue shirt, the reporter in front of Schneider Electric China,tow rope Zhu Hai, president seemed vibrant. If it were not for the industry in 2006 that attracted the attention of the joint venture, Zhu Hai will choose to continue low-key to hide behind the many rings, his words, this is his style - and he is employed has a 175-year history of this The French industrial giant was born in the same low-key style.

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