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Petrochemical industry's first converter to determine the application of standards drafting

   July 23 ~ 26, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association of automation work will be held in Beijing, focused and determined the frequency, soft start units in the three series of 12 industry-standard basic framework, which is China's oil and chemical industry in the drive and soft start applications in the first industry standard.

     China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Secretary-General Chen Minghai automation applications that as the frequency control and soft start technology matures, its oil and chemical industry in the growing popularity of the application, ratchet tie dowm to stabilize production and improve the quality of process control, energy conservation, maintenance of plant equipment, and so play an active role in protecting the environment, a bright future. However, due to lack of uniform industry standards for engineering applications, resulting in practical engineering application, the inverter, soft start device design selection and maintenance using both random, quality problems and security incidents have occurred, to the petroleum and chemical production a security risk, and these issues with the expansion of the scope of application equipment and markedly increase the number of applications outstanding. Therefore, experts in the industry's initiative, the association began to organize the development of relevant industry standards, and has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, included in the 2010 annual national industry standards and revision plan.

     It is understood that the organizations to develop the "oil and chemical inverter / soft start technology Guide" series of industry standards, including low-voltage inverter, soft starter and the voltage inverter three series, each series also includes basic requirements, the design principle of selection, installation and acceptance, maintenance of order four parts with a total of 12 industry standard. The second half of further modifications of these standards and norms, and to industry comments, will try to be reported before the end of the introduction of draft.

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