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Private enterprises in Wenzhou Electric "Butterfly": re benefits to upgrade

  Thick thin plot can only send. According to the Bureau of Statistics data, in the first half, the city Chint, West Germany, Tengen three companies, total industrial output value 7.007 billion yuan, up 43.7%, driving regulations on the industrial growth of 5.3 percentage points. After 30 years of ups and downs in after a lot of private enterprises through the Willow City, product development, industry transformation and upgrading of enterprise transformation.

    Smart "recycling"

    "These smart meters soon to be loading up. With the national smart grid development plan developed and implemented, a comprehensive intelligent electrical products to electrical appliances enterprises to upgrade a rare opportunity for development." Yesterday, Chint instrument workshop, a technical staff, said. Look around, the workers perform their duties in the workshop a busy scene.

    In early May this year, the State Grid Corporation announced the tender results, winning a total of more than 57,000 Chint Instrument only, the contract amount of 140 million yuan. Chint Instrument in National Grid Company's 2011 second smart meters and then focus on the size of the bidding played a powerful voice. The officer said that the Chint Instrument winning products are all smart meters, a total of 10 bales, involves Fujian, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Zhejiang and other six provinces the power sector.

    This year, ratchet tie dowm Chint intelligent GIS products also ushered in a "good start." Chint intelligent GIS products developed since 2004, during, and Shanghai Jiaotong University and other major universities in joint research, according to the national grid in 2010 published "Guidelines for high-voltage equipment, intelligent technology" requirements, and manufacturers together with other professional developed in line with the requirements of intelligent digital substation GIS equipment. In 2006, high in the west of the product passed the type test, and electromagnetic compatibility testing.

    In the "Tengen", a newly developed intelligent circuit breakers, remote control, remote sensing, telemetry, remote adjustment, sitting in the office can easily be controlled, its value is 10 times that of traditional products. In the province of low-voltage electrical appliances with Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology, Wenzhou University, many electric companies have Yueqing to cooperate with them, is the fourth generation of the development of intelligent electrical products.

    West Germany developed a "strong and intelligent plan", set up a Delixi Electric Institute, the annual completion of 88 new product development, the State Science and Technology Progress Award 1.

    Well versed in the electrical industry Yueqing Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute of Electric Branch Director Yintian Wen has said publicly that the smart grid client products covering almost all low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical industry, Yueqing should be a main direction of transformation and upgrading.

    Green high-end "recycling"

    There are a number of private enterprises in Willow City, a rising star by taking the road of green and high-end, enterprise restructuring and upgrading.

    Not long ago, municipal leaders in the research business, into the East and electronics. Chairman Cheng Yuan and said now walking between the two sectors, tasted the sweetness of the enterprise restructuring and upgrading.

    East and Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Changhong Plastic Co., Ltd., founded in 1989. In 2010, Changhong plastics exports in Yueqing City, ranked tenth in the same industry. Although Changhong plastics continue to grow, but Zheng Yuan and a few years ago on the development of the industry to try different ideas.

    In 2008, Cheng and Shenzhen enterprises that 80% of IC semiconductor products imported information with friends, partners in Shenzhen, the production of semiconductor products. After six months of searching in several Japanese companies to recruit experts, invested 80 million first phase, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, began to hire plant development.

    In 2009, a new fully automated production line in Shenzhen was put into production.

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