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Profit margins have been severely fiber-optic cable being put to test the quality of compressed

   As operators to accelerate deployment of broadband and triple play strategy, networking, cloud computing concepts such as landing, broadband optical fiber and cable as the foundation for building, ushered in a prosperity. Recently, optical fiber and cable operators and tenders of the announcement also attracted attention. The quality of fiber-optic cable has become the focus of the industry.

    90% of the poor is not possible

    Recently, optical fiber and cable companies announced their 2011 annual Central Purchasing optical fiber and cable operators, winning the case. Leading companies are in a full production status. The entire optical fiber and cable market price out of the trough, prices tend to be stable. However, ratchet tie dowm media reports, the current network with fiber-optic equipment in operation 90% of the recycled materials are inferior to network security has brought great risks.

    No matter what industry seems there fake and shoddy products. Optical fiber and cable market is no exception. "But the fiber-optic devices booster cables are inferior to 90% recycled materials is impossible." Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, the cable optical cable communication experts Mucheng Bin said.

    "China'sbattery clip fiber quality standards and is consistent with international standards, China has 80% -90% of fiber production from the top of several fiber optic companies, these companies are large-scale informal enterprises for long-term development and reputation to consider, not there is the phenomenon of using inferior materials. "Mucheng Bin said.

    China Telecom official said, cable is already a very mature product, quality standards is clear, coupled with rigorous testing standards in the country, tow rope our country's optical fiber and cable quality is assured.

    It is understood that operators carrying out centralized procurement of fiber optic products, invitations to tender are clearly defined conditions and requirements, the successful vendors will be sampling to the third-party testing organization for testing.

    "However, the optical fiber and cable market is not fake and shoddy products is not guaranteed." Mu Chengbin also said that road. "Because, there are some not included in the total system of small firms, they take some profits in order to improve low-quality materials also exist."

    Operators over lower prices lead to opportunistic vendors

    Why does this phenomenon exist? "Operators keep the prices down too low, companies no profit, only to drive down costs." Mucheng Bin said. "We have already announced the association the cost of optical fiber and cable prices, but, during the Central Purchasing operators when tendering, or the price down to cost price below which the pressure is very large firms."

    According to the chairman of Tong Guohua FiberHome provided the information: Each core km of optical fiber in China in the past the price of 1,800 yuan, and now only 70 yuan, the price dropped by 10 times, each fiber optic cable price decline of 20 percent. Margin only a few points.

    "Fiber is not much problem in terms of quality, but some manufacturers will be opportunistic on some of the cable. In the secondary material in the cable to do something." Relevant experts said.

    Therefore, in the Fifth China Entrepreneur Summit optical cable, Mu Chengbin deliberately, products at reasonable prices. Can not be sold below cost, carriers do not want to lower the cost of procurement of enterprise products. Mu Chengbin called optical fiber and cable operators to give manufacturers a certain profit margin, reasonable pricing.

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