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Cloud computing services for uninterruptible power supply systems and the impact of market trends

   A few days ago, my PC's Outlook e-mail system failure, I tried to reinstall the software several times, but failed, finally, I had to give up, I decided to use the Internet service provider (ISP) provide e-mail application. The application provides a temporary solution for the mail, but it does not have the Outlook calendar, appointments, task management, notes, and other functions.

    I use this tow rope temporary solution is actually a cloud computing services, many years ago in "cloud computing" is not there when my ISP has been providing this service, it meets Wikipedia on cloud computing services Definition: "A Web service or from another software to access the online application, use the software and data are stored on the server."

    battery clip The advantages of cloud computing services

    Cloud computing services is not only based on a single server, multiple servers and cloud computing will also infrastructure components interconnected with each other, providing you can replace or supplement the UPS solutions, hosting and virtual backup service. However, booster cables the current cloud service development is still in its infancy, is poised to take off in the future may become a mainstream technology for us now imagine a new application.

    We have a brief description of such applications will bring the bright future: through the use of cloud computing, Sullivan County, North Carolina United States hospitals to streamline the 20 servers, reducing power consumption, to avoid the $ 25,000 uninterruptible power supply ( UPS) upgrade costs, while congestion and backup storage requirements by 80%, the total length of the night backup from 14 hours compressed to less than one hour, ratchet tie dowm these improvements has helped the hospital save hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs.

    Cloud computing technology trends indicate that within a few years, rapid warming of cloud computing will become the most widely used in industry as a technology. According DataCorporation2009 research report predicts that between 2009 and 2013, the global enterprise cloud computing services spending will remain 26% compound annual growth rate, rising from $ 17.4 billion to $ 44.2 billion. ForresterResearch in the September 2010 survey showed that 51% of SMEs planning to deploy cloud computing infrastructure services.

    Clearly, UPS systems manufacturers, service providers and users should consider cloud computing will be the impact of UPS market, as well as a growing number of companies have adopted cloud computing the future direction after the UPS system, because cloud computing has the following advantages:

    1 Cost savings: through the use of cloud computing technology, businesses will be able to use in-house simple and low-cost computers to data hosting and software application outsourcing. In addition, the use of cloud computing services provided by applications, but also help companies reduce operating costs or savings, such as firewall security costs, software costs and development of human resources with on-site software and hardware repair and maintenance related costs.

    2. On the basis of existing resources to expand their business scale: By outsourcing hosting and application services, companies do not need additional investment to expand the scale of operations, and because no additional staff and further cost savings; In addition, when the struggling, part of the business enterprise can be contracted out, no need to dismiss employees.

    3 pay-per-use demand: companies can pay according to frequency of use of services outsourcing cloud computing services, regular payment of an additional small amount of information custodian fees. Such companies can reduce costs in difficult times, and in the growth period is to reduce marginal costs.

    4. Free to choose the level of protection required: Compared with the internal servers, cloud computing can deliver greater reliability and availability of backup services, especially for SMEs. Using this technology, service providers, by virtue of its own strength or with other industry companies to provide the necessary hardware and virtual redundancy to ensure availability and to meet any customer's reliability requirements.

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