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American citizens expect the use of domestic wind power technology and manufacturing breakthroughs

   Home wind power feasible? Cost accept that? Power effects? More heat than the home solar power, wind power seems to be the home to be forgotten corner. These problems may be in the United States, Colorado, La Plata find the answer.

    Bard. Black, is a public La Plata. 18 months ago, he chose to install a home wind turbines to power, but the results are not satisfactory. "I am very disappointed with its results, it did not bring the power I expected." Another home two years ago installed a wind turbine La Foen? Charles also expressed the same view: "It is not me imagination is so good, ratchet tie dowm although the transfer has been non-stop, but could not see how much electricity is produced. "

  Of course, there are differing views. Bad? Rehn says that he installed a home wind turbine, after a great feeling. "It's handy, our family are very fond of it." Rehn said after the use of domestic wind turbines, his family's electricity bill numbers have been declining.

    La Plata Electric Power Association, Community Services Manager Mark? Shawo Te disclose, he was responsible for a community already has six other people connected to the grid with wind turbines. But he also said that wind conditions are not good areas, people still prefer to use solar power or micro-hydro to replace domestic wind power. "Today, the use of wind power is so harsh conditions are no longer as in the past, this wind power into the homes of ordinary people to bring more opportunities for families, although in general the potential of home wind power is still limited, and perhaps a good technology change this situation. "

    According to the American Wind Energy Association, the U.S. 95% to 97% of all large-scale wind power wind power. The remaining part belongs to a private small-scale wind power. From the National Climate Change Centre John? Kelly said Charles Black, and experiences is not surprising, local wind conditions are not ideal. "Anyone considering the use of domestic wind power, to have the local weather conditions should have a clear understanding."

    Blackburn fans that their site without any problems. But the wind turbines did not give him enough power. According to Blake, said he was the fans invest 2.6 million, but this leaves the generator with 15, one month can produce up to 100 kwh electricity.

    But he did not abandon the use of it. Black intends to invite experts to help them solve this problem. He first wanted to make sure the fan is not efficient in the end because the objective climatic conditions, or improper operation due to their own. And Ryan is eager to re-purchase of two wind turbines. It is noteworthy that, Rennes skill is an electrician. He said the wind turbines installed two years ago, he was carried out over and over again. "Fans will be able to generate electricity is not in there, not so simple."

    In addition, Mark? Shawo Te also said that zoning and approval system for small wind power is a big problem. "In some places has been some progress, but we are also working elsewhere."

    There are many such examples, in Brandon, local residents Charlie? Klose would like to add a small 200W wind turbine to supplement his solar system. However, in practical action, he needs to convince the municipal government approved home wind turbine.

    Some cities are even more actively promote the technology, such as Boston. Boston Environmental and Energy Office Director James? Hunt said: "Boston will wind power equipment manufacturing industry as a major source of jobs, so it is natural to Boston for small wind projects and large-scale wind power projects are very friendly . "

    Hunter said: "Boston in 2009 to develop the specifications used to solve the noise level, safety issues and other issues, to encourage wind power development. Boston has set up a demonstration wind power project to uncover the 'mystery' vision of Boston bright future for renewable energy, including small wind, and we hope that one day we can have a very efficient housing, solar and wind power through its renewable electricity generation, and they produce excess electricity can supply power to use. "

    Although there are still some problems in the United States is still more and more people began to invest a small home wind turbines. According to the American Wind Energy Association's latest news, across the country in 2009 has sold nearly 10,000 units this small wind turbine, and in 2001, sold only 2100 units. Despite the present economic downturn, but wind power supporters remain confident. They said that the advantages of technology and manufacturing small wind turbine that will be more popular.

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