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Inversion of the business of steel prices helpless "flesh"

    From June to start in early market for steel prices in downward trend intensified early August, with steel prices stabilized stabilized in recent days, so far, from the cold plate to the hot plate,booster cables all varieties of steel were down 1,000 yuan per ton so.
    Although Baosteel, Jinan Steel and other steel mills have cut steel prices overall, but still higher than the market price of a price upside down situation, battery clip worried that steel prices continue to decline in all businesses helpless "flesh."

    Lee Chang-area reporters arrived at the metal steel wholesale Taiyuan Road, where the distribution of the seven eighty steel trade company, but there is no bustling lively situation. Good news came to Long Metal Materials Co., Ltd. in the office, tow rope the company manager Wang said: "There are still stock, the price upside down serious, it is almost no market demand. We signed the contract with the supplier, selling goods can not also have time to play shall, by volume purchase, or will be canceled agent qualifications, has lost more than two months. Although the subsidy is to drop in the bucket factory.ratchet tie dowm "

    On the current reasons for the decline of steel prices, the "market downturn, reduced investments, a decrease in demand" is the reporter heard the universal answer. "A lot of major projects completed in time for the Olympics, most of the market demand for steel has been digested in advance.

    February and March increased demand for steel products, steel prices soaring all the way, have gone up by more than two thousand yuan per ton, it is now time for the fall.

    7,8 hot weather last month, is the off-season sales of steel, the most important reason is that the global economic downturn, slowdown in investment growth, investment in the downstream of the real estate market decline, as the upper reaches of the chain reaction of course the steel market. "Insiders said.

    Steel prices fell more than two months, the current price is already bottomed out, and will usher in a rebound rise? In this regard, the business is no consensus. Analysis of the industry in September, steel prices are up is down, but also depends on the macroeconomic trend.

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