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Single-phase transformer urban lighting electricity saving new system

Low voltage distribution system in China is widely used in three-phase system. In the low voltage distribution network, is now widely used "small capacity, densely point, short radius of the power supply, the way" power supply mode could decrease the low voltage distribution network line loss. The use of single-phase ratchet tie dowm transformer is the important way to implement this power supply, but also measures and single-phase transformer substation, power distribution and single-phase techniques have been listed as our country key recommend electricity saving technology.

Suzhou has 10 DuoNian single-phase power distribution system operation and management experience. The advantages of single-phase power distribution line loss is reduced, booster cables improve: to promote the quality of voltage, power was relatively safe.

1 single-phase transformer to load power supply technical advantage of lighting

(1) consumption is small, battery clip power saving

The same material used the same capacity of the single-phase transformer f. no-load loss than in transformer small; Single-phase transformer can make the high-pressuretow rope line close to load point further narrowed the low-voltage power supply, and to reduce the low voltage radius distribution network loss.

Suzhou * investigation by the three-phase instead of single-phase transformer transformer power supply line loss, 50 kVA transformer loss with capacity of the single-phase three-phase transformer is low. The D12 single-phase transformer power supply-50 than the S11-50 three-phase transformer power supply one year may power saving 586 kW.

(2) the project cost savings

Single-phase transformer power supply, high pressure branch line for two lines and set up and low voltage lines for two or three line; erection line And three-phase power supply, high voltage transformer branch line for three lines set up and low voltage lines for four lines set up. From the cost of the project, the single-phase transformer, high voltage power lines can save 10%, low voltage circuit can save 15% of the project cost.

(3) reliable power supply

Single-phase transformer used in small capacity with the supply of power point way, increased the number of users, increased reliability calculation, improve the the base of power supply reliability; At the same time, the load is nervous, thus limiting power single-phase transformer will narrow scope blackout, but also reduce the influence of the power supply reliability of users.

(4) easy to implement new technology power saving step-down wee hours street lamp

City street along the road two Zha general layout, use as shown in figure 1 (a) shows the single phase V/V0 transformer supply, especially suitable for lamp installation for wiring.

The single-phase V/V0 transformer power supply for urban road lighting load in the wee hours, do not affect road lighting, under the prerequisite of literature [1] gives the street lamp step-down new technical solution power saving.

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