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China's urgent need to break clean energy industry development financing bottleneck

    Clean energy industry is becoming China's new economic growth point, but because of the development time is short and the "high input, high-risk" characteristics, the development of clean energy in the process still faces many constraints. One of the most prominent is the limited availability of financing, there is a huge gap in the supply of funds. Experts say that China's current multi-level financial market system and the energy service system has not been formed, many clean energy companies in the capital market financing is almost empty, and therefore the effective use of project financing, development financing for clean energy sources, increase the banks clean credit support to the energy industry, ratchet tie dowm and continuously meet the clean energy industry development funding needs, to ensure sustainable development of industry.

    Growing clean energy industry in order to ensure China's sustainable development

    Clean Energy for the new concept of traditional energy sources, both affirmed the energy needs of human development, also stressed the use of clean energy to pay attention to the concept of environmental protection. As the traditional energy system caused by energy supply and environmental pollution have become increasingly prominent contradictions and issues, sustainable use, environmentally friendly clean energy development has become an inevitable choice.

    China is the world's second largest energy consumer, but the amount of energy resources per capita is very low, less than half the world level. In per capita energy resources are relatively scarce at the same time, China's energy efficiency is relatively low, waste is very serious. Only rely on coal, oil and other traditional energy sources can not meet growing energy demand, combined with air pollution, oil prices, greenhouse gas emissions and a "carbon tariff" in the form of green trade barriers and other factors, the growing energy resource bottleneck prominent.

    Therefore, to develop clean energy, build a stable, economical and safe energy supply system is to provide reliable economic and social development of energy security. August 28, held in Yinchuan, "2011 China Summit Forum on energy and chemical Golden Triangle", China Ke-Chang Xie, vice president of engineering, said that in recent years, China's energy supply and demand gap year after year, has an impact on our economic security and an important factor in the development. Oil, for example, in 2010 China's crude oil import dependence reached 52.5%, energy security is facing a high risk.

    Clean, emits no or very small amount of emission of harmful environmental pollutants are gases or gas the most prominent advantages of clean energy. According to a foreign research institutions of various power generation methods to calculate the rate of carbon emissions, clean energy than kerosene, gas and other fossil power generation to 50% -90% lower. "1025" period, China's per unit of GDP to energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 16% and 17% of the target, therefore, proceeding from mission to promote energy conservation, should also increase the development and use of clean energy .

    Financial support for clean energy industries there are four areas of development problems

    Along with the support of the clean energy industry has intensified, clean energy industry in China has gradually accelerated pace of development, but clean energy is an emerging industry, and has a high-risk characteristics, the availability of financing channels are limited, financial support clean energy industry development in the deep-seated contradictions and problems have become increasingly prominent. Comprehensive expert opinion, the following specific difficulties.

    First, commercial banks, risk prevention awareness limits the clean energy industry, the size of loans. China University of Mining Law School Yangsi stay Wen said that currently, commercial bank lending is still the clean energy industry, an important source of funding sources, although some banks also strengthened the clean energy industry attention and support, but for awareness of reasons, commercial banks, selected projects more focused on technical maturity, yield significant large enterprise, the clean energy industry is still taking a cautious or limited credit policy. Thus, in the short term can not become a major clean energy industry development fund providers.

    Second, China's clean energy project in the amount of investment and venture capital investment is rather limited number of large international venture capital firms in clean energy projects in the amount of investment is not high.

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