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Prices of two hundred yuan or so each battery electric vehicle price increase

    "Before another battery as long as four or five hundred, now risen to six or seven hundred of it how?" Recently, pony Keqiao State Road 104 near the intersection an electric car store, people were surprised to Ms Chan said. Reporters recently visited the market in Keqiao learned that the recent general rise in prices of electric vehicle batteries, electric car prices rise, sales decreased.

     Recently, the reporter in the electric vehicle sales outlets are concentrated in the State Road 104 near the intersection Keqiao pony, Jianhu Road, ratchet tie dowm Young Road, flute, etc. see, buy electric cars and not a lot, a lot of the store empty, many sales people sitting in front of the reading the newspaper. Reporters visited the store that a number of electric cars, electric cars currently on the market prices rose 300 yuan, mainly due to price increases by the battery.

     "I have to find several stores, and are so expensive. I had known this, it is better to listen to her words, after the New Year when they bought." Prepare people to buy a car Master Wu complained. Keqiao Guan Ning district, who lives in Ms. Chung told reporters that she was "51" before spending more than 1900 yuan to buy a certain brand of electric vehicles, recently she accompanied a friend to buy the same brands found in the same model of electric car, the price rose to 2,300 dollars. Merchant said: "We have no means, the battery price is too much!"

     It is understood that, with the first half of the lead-acid battery business of special environmental clearance operations carried out, the major electric vehicle battery production base in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and battery manufacturers to reduce a lot of battery shortages led to sharp price increases. Keqiao some electric car shop owner, told reporters that their batteries much inventory, not the consumer back to non-shop selling battery electric vehicle.

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