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« Prices of two hundred yuan or so each battery electric vehicle price increaseLei Nuoer RNHV area high-voltage converter by the year 2011 the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award »

"You need to be driven with ease."

- Invt Goodrive300 drive new conference was held
  August 26, INVT Goodrive300 drive in the new conference held at Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town, including Germany's Infineon, TüV SüD well-known enterprises, including foreign institutions and automation network China, China Industrial Network, HC , China Textile Network, "MM modern manufacturing," etc., more than 20 areas of automation and application of the authority of the media industry and the country from more than 300 machine tools, textile, rubber, appliances, building materials machinery, metal processing and other fields Professional users gathered in Shenzhen, witnessed Invt Goodrive300 grand global launch drive.
   New conference by British Deputy General Manager Liu Jidong Witten first stage starts a crystal ball, on behalf of the company opened Goodrive300 the mystery of the beginning of the inverter, the British chairman and general manager of Yellow Witten then apply force to "Invt Group Development of the Road"ratchet tie dowm in the title Opening remarks for the entire conference, the next conference keynote, Invt low R & D, product line director Ran Mingzhe and conference center general manager Zhang Kemeng expounded in Goodrive product platform strategy planning, development and explain in detail the product key technologies.


Invt force chairman and general manager of his opening address, Huang Shen

    Technology leader in high-end positioning


Invt introduced low-voltage products, product line director Ran Mingzhe

    According to the British Witten introduced low-voltage product line director, Ran Mingzhe as to consolidate the market position of low-voltage inverter important measure Invt is accelerating the restructuring of high-end products, Goodrive is the product line strategy, the new inverter product line name, and Goodrive300 product line strategy is the first product launched under. The future will also continue to Invt Goodrive600, Goodrive800/900 other high-end products for different applications, as well as special models for different industries, then, the British high-end road Witten would go more stable. Invt R & D Center, Zhangke Meng also made special mention: Goodrive300 collection Invt drive over the years in the field of technology and application-driven experience, product development, which lasted nearly a year old, made a series of breakthroughs in key technologies , including the permanent magnet synchronous motor sensorless vector control technology, permanent magnet synchronous motor static self-learning technology, the static self-study induction motor technology, V / F frequency vibration suppression, V / F Dynamic torque and improved technology, and Profibus Ethernet communications technology. These breakthroughs in core technologies, continuing drive to ensure Goodrive300 leading market position.

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