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Chin cupping 8% of burns caused by security operations need to be cautious

   September 1, 2011 at 2 pm, singer Chyi Chin at home to do cupping health, because health-care division improper operation by the fire burns Chin back, back, face, torso severe burns. Was immediately rushed to the hospital, after treatment, at present no longer life threatening, and conscious. In this regard, ratchet tie dowm the brokerage said in a statement Chin suspended due to burns, performing work on the scheduled work program set manufacturers and apologize. Chin burns caused by fire at home care, need to pay attention to fire safety. Here to spread the knowledge about home fire safety:

    Electrical Safety

    1booster cables residential buildings in the safe use of electricity?

    (1) a reasonable installation of switchboard. To switchboards installed in a safe place outdoors, under a power strip stacking firewood and clothing not flammable, combustible materials, to prevent the fuse melted hot melt beads drop the item ignited. Fuse selection according to the family maximum electricity consumption, not free to change the fuse or coarse copper, wire, aluminum wire instead. The family should be installed conditionally qualified air switch or leakage protection device, overload when the electricity or electric shock and other accidents occur when staff can timely action and cut off the current.

    (2) the proper use of the power cord. The main power line at home should be used more than 4mm2 copper wire, aluminum or plastic covered wire sheathed cable, battery clip in a dry room can generally insulated wire, and in the humid room will have to use a protective layer of insulated wire for the regular movement of electrical equipment to use good quality cord. For the serious aging of wires should be replaced.

    (3) a reasonable arrangement of wires. Rational, standard cabling, both beautiful and safe, can effectively prevent a short circuit phenomenontow rope If the wires are taken for surface, to prevent damage to insulation, you can use better quality wire or PVC plastic pipe used to wear flame-retardant protection; through the surface of combustible decorations flame retardant cover light wear, a ceiling of the room The ceiling should be used within the metal pipe or wire flame-retardant PVC plastic pipe protection. Wires through the walls that need insulation to prevent damage should assemble in the hard plastic tube wall, both ends of the export out of the wall about 1 cm.

    (4) the proper use of household appliances. The first is to use electrical appliances must be carefully read instructions, pay attention to the precautions and maintenance requirements. For air conditioners, microwave ovens, electric water heaters and ovens and other appliances usually do not frequent power on, after use, not only to its own switch off, unplug the power plug should also, the best conditions to install a separate air switch . Capacitor voltage value is not enough for some household appliances, due to heat or moisture or breakdown occurs capacitance caused by burning phenomenon, if we find the temperature anomalies should be checked off, troubleshooting, and additional lines should be regulated in device.

    (5) to do fire prevention work. People to leave or sleep, to check whether the electrical power. Qualified families to buy a 2-kg small fire extinguisher is necessary, the family should be prepared to torch, rope, towels and other necessary tools for the fire escape. In the event of electrical fire, do not panic, first time wind up power, and shouted to neighbors for help, dial 119 fire calls, the same time, water, wet blankets or rapid fire extinguishers usually prepared. If the fire is too large to timely hedge, do not love money, bear furniture, belongings or something, life is the most important escape bear.

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