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Trapped in the elevator suddenly stopped smoking again sounded the alarm bell owners elevator fire

  The house was just built to stay, several prospective owners are scared Chuyishenhan. August 31 at 10 am, Fuzhou Road, Phoenix Lake City area Osan Building 6, near the line due to fire, the elevator suddenly stops, and continue to smoke into the elevator, three prospective owners to prepare the election room trapped in an elevator smoked about ten minutes, but fortunately was rescued by firefighters, etc., did not lead to a big accident.

    tow rope The first floor next to a lift is power distribution room, the officer said it was the eighth floor of the power distribution room fire wire

    Industry sources say that the electrical short circuit, lightning, and even the elevator next to the room on fire, etc., may lead to the elevator on fire. Have suggested that, in addition to testing the elevator security safe operation of the elevator itself, but also detected in battery clip the vicinity of the circuit, or if the circuit near the elevator fire caused by fire, is undoubtedly a disaster.

    Elevator Cry, the owners were trapped ten minutes

    I am on Aug. booster cables 31 at the scene, saw the incident, Building 6, downstairs gathered a lot of people see the house, stairs, Building 6, the area of ??security has been blocked, and I let the people upstairs showings .

    Ms. Zheng came to pick the room, said Phoenix Lake Park area is the placement of rooms, all newly built, the owners have not decided. They received notice on August 31 and September 1, two days of showings time, yesterday was the first day of showings, to a hundred people, began on September 3 election room.

    A prospective owners that have also been smoke lifts, it is a new community, how it happened. Witnesses said when she saw smoke coming out of the Building 6,ratchet tie dowm also heard that the power distribution room on fire because of the elevator, trapped in the elevator, trapped workers were rescued later taken to hospital.

    This statement was subsequently confirmed by the parties. Trapped in the hospital I saw one, 58-year-old Lin Yi Mu. She said the first day of showings did not expect this kind of thing happened, terrible. At that time the three of them took the elevator downstairs from the 18th floor, not a few seconds, the elevator will not move suddenly, and there continued to smoke within the infiltration. The elevator was dark, there is no cell phone signal, in addition to their press alarm, there is no other way can only wait.

    Lin Yi Mu said, elevator smoke more and more concentrated, which coupled with poor ventilation, Piqiang breath, they stayed in the elevator with about ten minutes. Then came the fire, police and district staff, will be stuck in the 15th floor where the elevator car forced open, the three of them rescued.

    Subsequently, they were rushed to hospital after lung film examination, three were not affected much.

    Short circuit power distribution room, court disaster

    Smoke in the end come from? Lin Yi Mu said she is also confused. I was banned upstairs, can not see the elevator in the end to the scene where a problem is.

    Fang Yilin named head of the construction site, said the lift does not have quality problems, but because the power distribution room, Building 6, 8-layer flame and cause short-circuit power, which is the root of the wire is to lift short-circuit power, which leads to the elevator suddenly stopped. The person in charge of production safety inspection certificate shows that the elevator unit Haike Elevator Maintenance Engineering (Fujian) Co., Ltd., the next test date is July 27, 2012.

    However, the Hartcourt responsible Elevator Maintenance Maintenance personnel lift engineering company claimed, Phoenix Lake City area elevator suddenly stopped running, because the elevator next to the power distribution room has a few wires oxidation fire, construction workers discovered the side power switch off, which leads to the elevator stopped. Wire after the fire to smoke is floating on the corridor, before migrating to the elevator. A similar accident will not affect the quality and safety of the lift coefficient.

    Industry: Elevator is easy to fire the electrical and mechanical equipment

    While Lin Yi Mu, who is a false alarm, but in an Elevator Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Changle Road for many years to industry sources, electrical short circuit, lightning and even the elevator next to the room on fire, etc., may lead to the elevator on fire.

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