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Drive new opportunities for our industry to look forward to high growth industries

      Inverter is widely used in the production of power electronic devices, driven to protect the production of integrated circuits, electrical transmission and system control technology, as the country gradually in the capital, the policy on the construction of the tilt of things and support the drive or to get rid of the current bottleneck, ushered in the course of development of another spring.

     Drive the industry's current status

     In the past 20 years, China inverter industry from its infancy to the present are gradually beginning to mature, developed very rapidly.ratchet tie dowm In the 21st century, China, the low-voltage inverter market growth rate of more than 20%, far greater than the level of GDP growth in recent years. In 2006, China, the low-voltage inverter market capacity reached 76 billion yuan.

     Considering the inverter's own advantage, industry and market growth rate, the status quo and potential, a good macro environment, our low-voltage inverter industry growth prospects. However, the industry's manufacturers, especially domestic manufacturers, potential risks also exist.

     Inverter on the market currently has more than 300 manufacturers, strength and size varies, individual companies still use the workshop-style production. As market competition intensifies, many of the brand is destined to be gradually eliminated, the inverter market in the future will be a high degree of brand concentration, a more orderly market competition; foreign brands in China, the market still dominated low-voltage inverter position. Most of the domestic history of the establishment of local enterprises is not long, many new products to market is shorter, the maturity of the product and brand awareness is difficult with a long history of international brands to compete.

     Of course, there are many reasons for restricting the development of enterprises of China's drive, some drive manufacturers such as the operation of the use of outsourcing, such as outsourcing of certain frequency components, if properly managed, will also have potential risks exist. In addition, because of competitive pressures, an enterprise may choose to focus on financial and technical development and market a single product, the situation of the formation of a single operation, for example, produce only applicable to a particular industry-specific frequency and so on.

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