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July 2011 production run of the instrumentation industry

       July 2011, the national instrument industry maintained steady growth, sales growth in more than 20%, export growth rose slightly last month.

     First, the sales continue to grow

    ratchet tie dowm July 2011, the national instrument industry 51.184 billion yuan industrial output value, an increase of 28.05%, 11.62% negative growth in the chain; the sales value of 49.164 billion yuan, up 27%, a negative growth of 12.07%; sales rate of 96.05%.

     January to July 2011, the national instrument industry total industrial output value of 3,185.70 billion yuan, up 29.42 percent; the sales value of 3,068.54 billion yuan, up 28.19%; sales rate of 96.32%.

     Sub-industry perspective, 1-July 14 under the instrumentation industry sub-sectors of industrial output value, industrial sales output value growth rate varied. Among them, optical glass manufacturing and sales growth rate of more than 60%.

     Second,booster cables export growth slightly higher

     July 2011 National Instruments industry export delivery value of 9.577 billion yuan, up 15.61%, 3.92% negative growth in the chain.

     From January to July, the national instrument industry export delivery value of 59.202 billion yuan, an increase of 16.32% total. Total exports of various sub-sectors vary greatly year on year growth, optical glass manufacturing industry relative to other sub-sectors the largest increase, up 123.17 percent, environmental monitoring, special instrumentation and laboratory analysis equipment manufacturing industry export delivery value of negative growth year on year growth .

     Third, the main products

     July 2011, in the instrumentation industry, seven major product, the test machine production rose the fastest growing, reaching more than 30%, industrial automatic control instrumentation and control systems, automotive instrumentation and environmental monitoring instrumentation dedicated negative output growth year on year .

     From January to July, instrumentation industry output of all sub-sectors to grow the product. Among them, the analytical instruments and devices cumulative growth rate of 40% or more.

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