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Industrial process in 2015 will exceed 30 billion analytical instrument market

   Raise the level of industrial technology as an important tool in recent years, China's industrial process analytical instruments market has maintained rapid growth. According to China Instrument Association in 2009, the coal quality analytical instruments including analytical instruments, coal analyzer coal quality analysis equipment, coal analysis instruments industrial process analytical instruments, laboratory analytical instruments, environmental monitoring, special instrumentation of the total industrial output value, industrial sales output value maintained a steady growth. 2010 China's industrial process analytical instruments market in 2006 to 19.2 billion to 3.53 billion yuan.

    Instrumentation is a strategic and emerging industries, "five-second" period, the state will pay more attention to the application and development of scientific instruments, scientific instruments will increase efforts to support. On-line analytical instruments and environmental testing equipment, a variety of direct measurement of new technology, and analysis of the gradual improvement of sampling techniques,ratchet tie dowm making the online analytical instruments in the industry to get a wider range of applications, more reliable for the quality and production made more secure a new contribution.

    2011, with the biogas, bio-oil, environmentally friendly system the further development of new energy industry, industrial process analytical instruments market growth rate will rapidly return to pre-crisis level, reaching more than 15% annual growth. 2012 to 2014, the downstream industry is entering cyclical cycle, the process analytical instrument market will have a significant stimulus. Industrial process analytical instruments industry will show a trend of rapid growth, projected growth rate at between 15-20%.

    As far as I know, China's online analytical instruments started earlier, in the 1950s and 1960s had a number of state-owned enterprises, the military background of the instrument manufacturers to provide all types of online analytical instrumentation. With the level of automation of industrial production and production processes to enhance safe and efficient operation is ever increasing, on-line gas analysis in industrial process control equipment has been more and more applications.

    30 billion: demand for large industrial process analyzer

    Industry experts pointed out that China's online analytical instruments, in recent years has maintained rapid growth for China's petroleum, chemical, power and other large-scale and the overall upgrading of equipment, as well as energy saving, pollution reduction, safety is made important contributions. However, compared with the industrialized countries, industrial process analytical instruments industry in China is still relatively low application level. As China's national economy and the rapid development of secondary industry, especially cement, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, industrial upgrading and investment in fixed assets continued to grow, China's industrial process will inevitably bring great development of analytical instruments and broad market prospects.

    "Five-second" period, the industrial process analytical instruments will maintain 15% growth rate, 2011-2015, the total market size is expected to reach 300 billion yuan.

    From the national industrial policy, traditional heavy industry consolidation was evident. The state has introduced policies to promote industry mergers and acquisitions, to enhance the industrial concentration. In the short term, adjustment policies on the traditional heavy industrial process gas analysis market may have some negative impact, especially on the more obvious impact on small businesses. With the continuous improvement of China's industrial upgrading, technological level of China's industrial continuous improvement and energy saving policy, the next 3-5 years, on-line gas analysis instrumentation market will be high growth.

    New trend: the spread of industrial production to environmental protection

    In addition to traditional industrial markets, the process gas analyzer in the gas, bio-pharmaceutical, aerospace, environmental and biological sewage treatment biogas, bio-oil, landfill and other good prospects for the development of new energy industries.

    "Five" is China's environmental protection hopeful five years, will also be the cause of much to offer five-year environmental monitoring, monitoring of business at a new historical starting point, facing rare development opportunities. According to the plan, "five-second" period, environmental monitoring will aim to build a comprehensive coverage of the monitoring technology to environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring of the whole process to achieve the goal of quality management quality management system to ensure that environmental monitoring data "representative, accurate nature, precision, comparability and completeness. "

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