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Inverter using silicon carbide as a potential energy

  From the Editor: In the modern factory machinery and equipment, the electrical energy consumed by transmission accounted for 60% to 70%, energy-saving drive system for mechanical equipment to reduce more energy consumption. In fact, of which energy-saving potential is huge.

    In the modern factory machinery and equipment, the electrical energy consumed by transmission accounted for 60% to 70%, with energy prices rising, this ratio also showed a continuing upward trend, in fact, the energy saving potential which very large, the use of energy-saving drive system for mechanical equipment to reduce more energy consumption.

    Siemens Industry Sector Industry Automation and Drive Technologies Department of the standard transmission frequency of product management department manager, ratchet tie dowm said Miss Xiao Fang, energy-saving advantages are obvious drive to reduce energy consumption, improve production efficiency and reduce environmental pollution, energy-saving effect can be machinery and equipment continued throughout the entire life cycle, "In the high energy consumption industries, such energy-saving effect even more obvious."

    Miss Xiao Fang said that the operation of machinery and equipment can be implemented in many energy-saving place: to run pumps and fans need to adjust according to traffic, mechanical equipment operation will be part of the role of exercise in futility, the motor does not require long-term work in high-speed full-load conditions, etc., "by using the frequency control means to generate very substantial energy savings, but also become widely used energy-efficient way. "

    "By using the inverter to change the motor speed control products, fans and pumps control, energy savings can be achieved easily," said Miss Xiao Fang, the use of suitable equipment to reduce maintenance frequency and cost of services, to further improve productivity. Smooth start devices can also slow coasting, extend equipment life cycle.

    In fact, there are many inverter applications. For example, in a textile machinery production line, the drive motor in addition to regulating the production line speed, but also the production environment temperature and humidity control, this process of change for not only improve production quality, but also reduces the incidence of failure rate the objective is also to reduce energy waste.

    Siemens has been committed to helping customers drive more effective energy conservation, such as SINAMICSG120 converter with regenerative energy feedback function can be realized 100% of the energy feedback. Meanwhile, the application of this converter can also save into the line reactor and braking resistors and some other accessories to reduce the transmission of the installation space, reduce the heat.

    Miss Xiao Fang believes that the plant energy, the energy necessary for the entire chain from the system point of view, a mechanical device, a production plant energy is not only the use of a converter, replace it as simple and efficient motors, energy need to be fully consider the energy of each node can be implemented in order to make the system more good energy saving effect.

    People tend to overlook some of the details of energy, in fact, for a plant, not only reduce energy consumption, including staffing, wiring and factory space, layout, etc., energy is a very broad concept. "From the power and transformer equipment, to the host control system, drive system and transmission system, and then perform component, every detail has great potential for energy conservation, only a point for each coordinate in order to achieve a good overall energy results. "Miss Xiao Fang said, Siemens for distributed I / O system devices such as variable frequency SIMATICET200SFC, SINAMICSG120D launch to help customers in the space layout, installation, wiring and maintenance are saving a certain human and material, is a very good energy-saving applications.

    Miss Xiao Fang believes that as economic development, people's awareness of energy conservation has been greatly improved, but not enough compared to developed countries, the state has adopted legislation still needs to be further agreed: "to drive, for example, energy significant effect has been no doubt, but the purchase of energy-saving equipment on the market when companies decide whether or not the major factor in transaction costs or the purchase, rather than operating costs.

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