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Expert views: panel prices rebounded this year of hopelessness

LGDisplay in don't flash type 3 D panel market in China is extremely high, but calls 8.5 generation line panel process slowed his steps. LG guangzhou 8.5 generation line project of the starting ceremony on August 30, to be held, lead to the sound of a guess. Recently, LGDisplay public relations vice ratchet tie dowm President from the autumn is the hot spot of the panel industry and accepted the interview of our reporter.

Business: the industry has been rumours about the LGDisplay 8.5 generation line project progress to have a lot of variables. For this purpose LGDisplay progress have a booster cables clear plan?

Autumn escape: the project must be and will not be canceled, but now a global recession, panel production glut, and this led to our careful consideration, we will choose investment decision is the right time to restart the project. As for when do I start now still not the timetable.

Business newspaper: as the next battery clip generation of OLED panel display technology, was the attention, also have guess says LG guangzhou 8.5 generation line project will to do the big size OLED project, tow rope this production line is how to LG planning? If you don't do OLED for fear of the cutting edge of the project is technology market in China disclosed?

Cho: first of all, I want to escape and stressed the point is approved by the Chinese government in LG this under 8.5 generation line of the LCD panel allows only projects do LCD panel, not allowed to do project, so this OLED line of planning or scheduled. At present the launch of LG in South Korea highest generation of OLED panel production line to 5.5 generation, so now talk about 8.5 generation OLED's production line, let alone technology leaks.

Business: from the beginning may last year, LCD panel prices counter-cyclical falling for 14 months, you feel that the cause of the decline is??????? Do you think that the rebound this year may be?

Cho: this is also our escape filled the upstream enterprise very concern, because the price of the panel steadily, many upstream enterprise into loss situation, the global economic weakness and panel needs to let such bearish turnaround, the situation is expected this year panel prices the callback possibility is very small.

Business: in panel industry half the ailing cases, samsung in domestic job cuts and reduce the production capacity of the panel, LG will be reduced investment? Will reduce the operating cost for personnel for the adjustment on the?

Cho: this year from filled market conditions is such, LG may reduce the investment, but there is no exact figures, in addition LGDisplay will not cut in the industry, how to adjust to the enterprise troughs reflect an enterprise's culture.

Business: LGDisplay first production is the shutter type 3 D, and now start working not flash technology, this kind of transformation of reason is???????

Cho: indeed, we escape filled as rivals, as a production enterprise development shutter type 3 D. But we found the shutter type has a lot of problems. First is the glasses. The cost of glasses, and finally very expensive so expensive cost must be fell in the consumers' head. In addition the shutter type 3 D glasses are very uncomfortable, and the shutter type has serious problems, very flashing affect the person's health. In order to solve these problems, we have developed in 3 D. Not flash We choose not to flash type 3 D can be said to be a challenge, because all the competitors enterprises have started using the shutter type 3 D, only our companies to adopt a flash type 3 D. We in the consumer and the manufacturers of the surveyed, the results of the survey is more than 80% of the consumers agree with no flash type 3 D, the result gave we continue to develop and produce no flash type 3 D determination.

Business: you to not flash type 3 D sales expected what kind of?

Cho: escape shutter type 3 D and technology is the first generation of display technology, but by a year of efforts to it the permeability of only 2%, but it is not flash type 3 D in China has reached 20%, the United States permeability is 10%, Europe is 11%, no flash for the whole of technology and the promotion of the 3 D market effect is very big. Now, don't flash type 3 D market share is at 60%. Coming National Day, and I believe that to the National Day holiday not flash type 3 D ratio will reach 70%.

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