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Smart phone market frequent sing high malaises gradually emerged

As smart phones gradually recognized status, its sales surpass functional mobile phone is also believed to be the morning and evening. But the reporter in the interview also found that, at present the development of smart phone problems began to appear, many experts don't agree with smart phones this "great leap forward" approach.

Report predicts super functiontow rope mobile phone after four years

The American market research company, is expected to iSuppl has smartphone shipments in 2015 from 478 million of this year is expected to increase to 1.03 billion departmentbattery clip , thus more than functional mobile phones. Smartphone market share will from 32.5% to 54.4% in 2009 and was only 15.8%.

Since the second half, with $one thousand smart phones are entering the market, experts is very bullish on the development of smart phones. Since always, huawei, booster cables zte is cost-effective $one thousand Android smart phones, and the main producers latest news, samsung is also intended to join the war circle.

"In the future to gradually expand the price at $200 (eur 1300) of the large and medium-sized smartphone market share." Samsung electronics wireless business, vice minister of hong yuan scoops said.

It is reported, MOTOROLA, ratchet tie dowm nokia, etc traditional mobile phone the main product line strong enterprise is from function machine to, especially low smartphone smartphone shipments of form scale effect "is soon".

The problem of smart phones are starting to show

Recently the bo circulating on a smart phone, about the joke: a young man wanted to about like of the girls go to the Rolling Stones concert of 30 years, call about her. A girl asked what he just said that the concert, a "roll" word, smart phone, the power went out.

Smart phones while promotion in a few years, but it's many problems have started to appear. "Smart phones too....... I can't wait to should everyday with the charger." A website editor told reporters. Tencent senior vice President LiuChengMin told reporters that the development of smart phones and computers are not the same, the battery is the one of the bottleneck of the future development.

Some time ago, reports have pointed to "samsung, HTC, the use of smart phone FanXiuLv andros system nearly forty percent". To this, many of the personage inside course of study also revealed: "smart phone, although not andros system to achieve that exaggerated FanXiuLv, but because the system open's sake, system and software between unstable does happen from time to tome."

Reporter survey also found that, the brand smart phones, and the high costs of maintenance warranty scope limits is not clear. Like samsung i9008 is a pricing in 3000 yuan in the high-end Android smart phones, to its official after-sales service hotline inquiry, the user in that after the warranty period, if they cause damage to the phone's screen, contributes to the maintenance cost and bear conceit, of which 1260 yuan price change screen, additional artificial cost 80 yuan. Statistics show that only a screen, can repair this smartphone buyers account for nearly 30% of the total cost. To this, the consumer Mr. Zhang told reporters: "smart phones, can afford, can't afford to fix it."

Smart phones to the consumer acceptance

"Apple and HTC smart phone I have used, but I still used functional mobile phones." City famous chain enterprise telecommunications chairman removed cell phone with a classic TaiWuChun MOTOROLA's clamshell mobile phones told reporters. TaiWuChun says smart phone, in 5 years can't more than traditional cell phone. Traditional cell phone from standby time, calling on quality, style is much better than a smart phone.

"If not the label on your mobile phone, it is difficult to tell which is the product of brand of." In the small and large and medium-sized electrical shopping camp Asian consumers Mr. Zhao said.

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