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Crack power shortage: Coal should accelerate the pace of integration

  Benefited from the relatively abundant coal reserves and the "foreign income Lu," the support, energy consumption in Shandong province this year, a record peak electricity load default despite repeated, but there was the phenomenon of power cuts, while some provinces are still Southern Power Grid in a "shortage" of them. How to crack in many places year after year there's "power shortage" problem, as the energy security of China's reality of a problem.

    Annual "power shortage" this is still shortage

    In recent years,ratchet tie dowm around the "shortage" continued year after year, this year has come early to the late, much worse. State Grid Corporation, said, This is the major power shortage in 2004 after the most difficult year. Recently, Guangxi suffered 20 years of the plight of the most severe power shortage, thousands of businesses forced to close. In addition to outside Guangxi, Guizhou, Guangdong, Yunnan, Hainan, and other southern provinces suffered power shortages, including Guangxi, Guizhou, declared a power shortage in the highest level of a red alert status. According to statistics,booster cables the maximum peak shifting load Southern Power Grid has reached 11.2 million kilowatts, with the exception of Hainan province, provinces and autonomous regions are limited to peak load shifting of electricity there. Southern Power Grid is expected the third quarter, more than 8% of the overall power shortagebattery clip power shortage in some areas more than 20%.

    Since this summer in southern China in large areas high temperatures, increased drought in some areas. According to Southern Power Grid Company's August 31 release announcement, Yin Xinan regional drought intensified, comprehensive emergency supply five southern provinces, the whole network tow rope nearly 15% of the power gap. Water, coal shortage, coupled with consecutive losses, resulting in non-southern part of the power plant into a coal or suspended state.

    According to official Chinese Guodian reflect, at present, there are many coal-fired power Guodian tariff changes are insufficient to cover the cost of power generation unit, the more pay the price appears more and more distortions. China Electricity Council survey show that the first seven months of this year, Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, China Power, China Power Investment Corporation the power generation business five total loss of 7.46 billion yuan. Among them, the loss of power business in July, 980 million yuan, 180 million yuan loss qoq.

    Coal is the appearance of conflicts

    From appearances, this year's local "power shortage" come early, on the one hand is the rapid increase of production capacity in some areas the results, steel, building materials, non-ferrous metal industry, launched a large high energy consumption is a direct incentive; the other hand, because this year Southern drought, water shortage so that water can not be effective. But industry analysts believe that in some areas this year, "power shortage" turned into a full year from the seasonal power shortage power shortage, power shortage spreading from the southern most parts of the country, the real culprit is the power plant, "Mei Huang."

    However, power plant, "Mei Huang," is not equal to the market, "Mei Huang." Industry believes that "the market of coal" and "power plan" is still the institutional contradictions round "power shortage" to the root. Currently, coal prices have more than ever before. Since 2011, integrated into the furnace Guodian standard coal price per tonne 700 yuan or more were running high. According to statistics, in the first half of the 82 group companies in the thermal power, coal integrated into the furnace unit in more than 900 yuan per ton, 12, of which there are four more in a thousand dollars.

    Since 2004, China's coal prices soaring, companies are not in order to ensure power coal prices rose too fast because of rising costs and lead to loss of coal linkage mechanism came into being, but in fact did not really linked together. Prices of coal for electricity can not keep up the pace completely, "market coal" and "program power" of the conflict is growing. 2008, coal linkage policy is actually being replaced by temporary price adjustment, but this temporary measure does not solve the fundamental dilemma of coal.

    Coal was originally the interdependence of upstream and downstream, the two sides are not fundamentally contradictory. But because there are price controls, price transmission mechanism does not straighten out, making the result of rising coal prices due to increased costs can not be successfully transmitted to the downstream industries.

    Take Measures to break the "power shortage"

    Coal and electricity is an important basis for energy industries, the current conflict has entered the coal to the critical period, from a strategic point of view to be balanced overall, short-term and long-term measures to a comprehensive solution.

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