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United States invented the paper-thin bio-available liquid energy battery power

   Recently, scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute announced that they developed a body fluid in the electrolyte can be used to generate electricity, "body fluid battery." This indicates that we are from the "bio-energy battery" really come a step closer. Scientists hope that "bio-energy battery," or other body fluids to the body by excretion of organic compounds to generate electricity, such as tears andtow rope urine.

    This battery is not as thin as paper, and in fact it is the paper itself. Because the battery is 90% of the plant fiber material - it is essential to the traditional papermaking raw materials, which in a wide variety of paper and paper products. The remaining 10% of the material is aligned carbon nanotubes, its main role is conductive, and because it makes the existence of such a cell is black. These carbon nanotube battery clip fibers embedded in paper in the slot, the finished product as nanocomposite paper. One developer said that the battery regardless of looks, feels or looks as though the paper to take up the same.

    This use of nano-technology batteries have the same special as the paper: thin, scalable. And, because the energy for the body fluids, electrolytes booster cables (through the meal can be added), so it is suitable for medical devices. Even out of the body can use, you only need to dip it in the ionic liquid containing electrolytes on it.

    Good scalability can be also one of the advantages of this battery. Researchers say that the future of this battery is put into mass production, you can like paper manufacturing growth of the factory, then the user can cut into the desired shape it. This nano line material even after perforation,ratchet tie dowm folding and other remains of the original performance after treatment, and because of light, even if implanted in the human body does not make people ill, so use it for cardiac pacemakers, implantable prostheses and other necessary The apparatus body is very good.

    In addition, the temperature of the electrolyte solution widely applicable, it is not so easy to condensation or boiling water, -100 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degree range can remain liquid. In other words, in extreme temperature conditions can still be used normally. In this way, it can also become a vehicle, aircraft and other transportation perfect energy, because they require both light and heat the battery, cold.

    But researchers say that this battery is far more than the range of applications, it can even become a high-energy batteries, or high-voltage capacitors. It can be used to require a huge, explosive energy of the equipment, can be said that the battery potential.

    Traditional batteries will stay in the use of a large number of pollutants, and this battery is not. As the basic raw materials it uses no harmful chemicals, which is very environmentally friendly. Of course, from this high-tech batteries really take time to market. This research team is working to improve battery performance, while working to develop the best production methods, as soon as possible to the battery market.

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