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"Second five" plan to finalize the environmental protection industry meet great opportunity

   The morning of July 19, Premier, the national response to climate change and energy conservation, the group leader Wen Jiabao chaired a national response to climate change and energy conservation, leading group meetings, and agreed in principle to consider "second five" by row of a comprehensive work program, and energy-saving target decomposition scheme, the main pollutant emission control plan, deployment-related research work.ratchet tie dowm The meeting called to promote the key areas of energy conservation, including energy to focus on the advanced industrial production capacity and eliminate backward production capacity.

    Energy-saving environmental protection industry-related companies will undoubtedly usher in a "spring." Energy industry, including industrial booster cables energy efficiency and building energy-saving, energy-related companies including Shuangliang (600 481), Zhiguang Electric (002 169), Tellhow (600,590), etc.; environmental protection industry mainly related to sewage treatment, solid waste disposal, dust desulfurization and denitrification etc., which, battery clip wastewater treatment companies, including clean water source (300070), the first shares (600,008), etc., solid waste disposal areas are Sound Environment (000 826), etc., Longking (600 388) is mainly related to dust and other desulfurization and denitrification area.

    The industry believes that the improvement of assessment mechanisms, will greatly enhance the local government to promote energy conservation initiativetow rope To vigorously promote energy conservation, energy saving and other related industries will provide development opportunities. According to industry associations and experts predict that, as of the end of 2009, China's energy-saving environmental protection industry output value reached 1.71 trillion yuan by 2015, energy-saving environmental protection industry output is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan, accounting for 8% of GDP.

    Highway and waterway out of the cement industry to determine the mechanism of the target open

    July 12, the Ministry of Transport's official website announced that the Ministry has recently released "highway and waterway transportation energy saving" five "plan" (the "Plan"), proposed in 2005 compared to 2015 operating unit energy consumption of the vehicle transport turnover will decline by 10%, carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 11%; the operation of ships transport turnover unit energy consumption decreased by 15%, carbon dioxide emissions down 16%; unit throughput comprehensive energy consumption of port production fell 8 percent, carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 10%.

    "Planning", energy conservation, highway and waterway transportation, "five-second" overall goal is: By 2015, the transport sector significantly increased energy efficiency, carbon dioxide emission intensity decreased, green, low carbon transport system has achieved significant progress. This is mainly as follows: Structural made significant progress in energy saving, energy saving technology innovation and service system is basically sound, energy conservation, regulatory capacity significantly.

    In fact, the Ministry has increased the intensity of related work. 2011, China plans to phase out backward production capacity of cement industry 150 million tons, of which 61.78 million tons pit, mill grinding station 91.08 million tons. The data is greater than the 2010 average annual growth.

    Recent introduction of the "building industry" five "development guidance" is also proposed to the "Twelve Five" to basically complete the elimination of backward production capacity of flat glass, flat glass industry mergers and acquisitions to speed up the process, so that the glass top 10 companies by the concentration of production in 2010 increased 57% to 75% in 2015.

    Everbright Securities, Xue Jun believe that with the elimination of backward production capacity this year to promote the work, cement, steel, paper and other industries in the current supply and demand will continue to increase in the marginal utility, and nonferrous metals, glass, chemical and other industries will also benefit, but As the supply-demand balance has yet to the critical point, the level of benefit remains to be seen.

    Optimistic about the energy saving industry body position

    April 27, 2011, 690 funds have been announced first quarter 2011 report, days with investment of over 2011 first quarter and fourth quarter of 2010 the top ten funds in the electrical equipment industry Awkwardness stocks changes related to changes in statistics.

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