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« Biomass power generation capacity into the fast lane to doubleEnergy conservation no longer follow the "old-style assault" »

Grid focus should be: smart grid, wind, light and power network

     Vehicles to promote the process, as the power of this important energy suppliers, grid companies to play an important role. Whether it is the business model of choice, or infrastructure, or even model vehicles, operations, can see the power company's presence. For the initial stage, the route is constantly exploring the way forward for new energy vehicles, widespread concern is understandable. However, the technology of new energy vehicles still controversial route, direction is unclear and highly specialized things, the electric car "tri" with limited technical understanding of what the power company what the role of the extent to which, Now it seems very necessary discussion. This issue, we published a Green Triangle Institute of Technology, Changshu, Jiangsu Province, Changsha Yongkang article, readers are also welcome to participate in our discussions for the development of new energy vehicles offer advice and suggestions.

    Grid is the infrastructure, the logistics of various industries, including electric vehicle charging for electricity services. Grid Corporation since 2007 has been involved in the action of electric car industry is not small, but finite, wasteful investment is inevitable. New energy vehicles are ratchet tie dowm under development, there are many uncertainties. I believe that the power company's responsibility should be to provide electricity for the electric vehicle infrastructure and electricity services. But the reality is deeply involved in the company network, or even directly involved in the operation, the leading standards development and business models to determine, it is a bit cart before the horse, there's too much work.

    In 2010, several major power companies in the country built dozens of large charging station, charging tens of thousands of piles, but very few users, very disappointing. So across the country in 2011 for power mode, built several demonstration area for electricity, but the car prices do not agree, the user has not foot the bill, it is also not ideal. Meanwhile, the electric vehicle market is also far away, then charge more for another great power facilities also far-fetched. So not only pilot demonstration bloom everywhere.

    I believe that in the end the use of rechargeable electric vehicles or for power mode, to be determined by the vehicle model, such as buses and taxis would be completely different. Can withstand the fast-charging battery in the end? Can withstand frequent toss to put something removed? Also need to consider. Moreover, if the user has a private self-charging conditions and reliance on public charging facilities is not high, then the public charge, there are no facilities for power do not care. In short, the models varied, the user a variety of circumstances, the attempt to a model of a standard uniform, apparently in vain. Moreover, the battery series is a key factor in restricting, if not effectively resolved, electric vehicles or long-term "model" continues, or can only be "hybrid, dual power" and use two sets of energy and power to meet demand. This government can foot the bill, users will not pay. Therefore, power companies should not be so deeply involved, their identity should be clear, correct positioning, understand that they are doing, what is good and competent, not to dwell on this do not understand, master car, battery, charge for power mode and so on.

    Grid Corporation of the central level, there is a monopoly, the overall strength of strong, talented. I believe that the power companies, now wise to engage in electric vehicle technology and R & D R & D by enterprises or the depth of cooperation, the use of grid power, to achieve the full support of the application and provide power protection, and not directly involved in electric vehicle electricity business, not a prerequisite to set limits.

    Say the least, on the electric power company if it is really interested in cars, they could launch a new energy supply of the car, or should the power grid (wind power, solar power) and low power produced zinc-air battery, and then transported Power supply for electric cars to electric vehicles, too. Currently, the industry needed a boost, people in power have been involved in both sides. Prior to the spin-off company of American International Telephone and Telegraph, the use of the powerful strength of construction of the famous Bell Labs invented the transistor, including the many great inventions, including, for the information age to make a contribution. Power companies should also have such R & D institutions, research and development, including electric vehicle power technology, including power supply, high level of product inventions to market needs, rather than the current model of charging for electric vehicles and electric services charge too much energy. In addition to the development of battery electric vehicles, a series of issues, there are other routes in the development of technologies such as wireless isolation charge.

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