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Energy conservation no longer follow the "old-style assault"

   "Five" the first year has been more than half, but China's energy saving task is not easy. Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the completion of the first half of a barometer of energy-saving goals, through analysis and comparison of various regions of the Year and the "second five" goals and tasks identified throughout the warning level. Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Henan, Hainan, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, eight regional early warning grade level, compared with a quarterly forecast, there are five areas to improve early warning levels, energy situation is very grim.

    Energy grim situation reveals deep-seated contradictions

    In analyzing the first half of the energy situation, we can not ignore a phenomenon is that some areas on the one hand energy conservation in the country "backward", on the one hand but with the power surge.

    The end of July, ratchet tie dowm provinces, regions and cities are announced in the first half GDP data. Reporters found that the eight level warning areas all over the country's GDP growth rate of 9.6% of average. Specific data: 15.0% in Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, 13.0%, 11.2% in Henan, Hainan, 10.4%, 13.9%, Gansu, Qinghai, 13.3%, 11.5% Ningxia, Xinjiang, 11.7%. The eight provinces in the western region accounted for early warning five.

    In accord with this is that before the CEC released "with the country's electricity supply and demand situation analysis of the economic forecast report (first half of 2011)," the first half, total electricity consumption increased by 12.2%. The monthly electricity consumption growth rate of 10% to 14%, still relatively rapid growth range. Both the first half of the provinces power to achieve positive growth, including the western region with the most rapid growth in electricity demand, reaching 15.8%, significantly higher than other regions.

    Industry insiders believe that these areas of high energy consumption caused by the rapid development of the industry to use power surge, but also increased the difficulty of energy conservation. It also reflects the regional economic structure is irrational, the extensive mode of development, the excessive growth of energy demand and other deep-seated contradictions and problems. Should "fever" to step down, must focus on limiting high-energy, high-polluting enterprises electricity.

    Energy conservation policy is being overweight and refinement

    "The next five years, China will accountability energy saving, carbon reduction implementation of a number of key projects, and resources through tax reform and elimination of backward length with a variety of ways to help achieve the 'second five' emission reduction targets . "deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said Xie Zhenhua, has made the above.

    Xie said China will determine the region "five" of energy consumption and decrease carbon intensity targets, for local energy conservation, reducing carbon intensity target for completion of assessment and evaluation, assessment of the results to the announcement, and accountability. He said the goal has now been fully allocated to the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, the next will continue to implement the various industries.

    Xie stressed that China will improve the relevant economic policies to rationalize the relationship between the prices of resource products, the implementation of residential electricity, water ladder price, the full implementation of heat metering and charging, to increase the difference in price, punitive tariff enforcement, deepen the use of financial subsidies to promote energy efficient products and other incentives to support, promote resource tax reform, and promote comprehensive utilization of resources to implement and improve tax policy and various financial institutions to increase energy conservation credit support to low-carbon projects have been implementation of some key projects.

    In early September, the State Council "" five "comprehensive energy conservation program of work" issued to all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, wagons and affiliated institutions, and require the combination of local and regional authorities, the sector's actual, conscientiously implemented.

    "Work program" to determine the overall objectives include: to 2015, China's yuan GDP energy consumption fell to 0.869 tons of standard coal (in 2005 prices), compared with 1.034 tons of standard coal in 2010 fell by 16% over the 1.276 tons of standard coal in 2005 decreased by 32%. "Twelve Five" period, China will achieve the energy saving 670 million tons of standard coal.

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