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Beijing Xin Zhi Heng nursery video surveillance solutions company

    I. Introduction.

    Security video surveillance system is a technological system is an important part in, is an advanced,booster cables highly integrated system to prevent capacity, it can be through the camera and auxiliary equipment (lenses, etc.) directly to place watched by monitoring the situation at a glance , battery clip and it can be monitored places all or part of the image recorded, so that the future handling of certain events and conditions provided an important basis for convenience, while television monitoring system can also work with anti-theft alarm system and other security technology to prevent joint operation, the ability to guard against more powerful,tow rope and can find the hidden dangers of accidents and incidents, prevent damage and to avoid creating a bad impact.

    Second, the project overview.

    Parents worried about the situation of children in the park is that each person can do the parents understand. ratchet tie dowm However, as the baby's parents of the child in the kindergarten of life, entertainment, learning does not understand, particularly parents of admission just for the baby's mood is concerned about the garden. As a result of the reasons and the actual situation of the kindergarten, kindergarten parents to observe the activities are relatively small, and some parents hard at work to participate in similar activities. Allow their children to safe, secure education is every parent send their child to kindergarten primary consideration, but the parents how to truly understand the lives of children in the garden, learning situation?

    As a nursery manager, must always be on the garden to do well aware of what happened, for example, children in each class indoor and outdoor activities, eating, resting conditions; all other working conditions of teachers, but the affairs of the park Also requires you to handle, you often feel everywhere at once? What is a more effective solution?

    In a safe, healthy and appropriate environment, the use of high-quality, modern teaching methods, develop a healthy and lively society, civilization, gregarious, courageous self-confidence, sense of social responsibility in line with the needs of the twenty-first century, the era of children is every parent desire, but also position itself in the education of each person's top priority. Perhaps, now well in secondary schools, universities, schools popular television monitoring and management system can help you solve this problem. In addition, with the gradual increase of kindergarten, students in the competition has become the principal manager of a primary consideration, but also a nursery can be a necessary condition for healthy development, the participation of the modern teaching methods, it will be to participate in an increasingly competitive Today, students provide a good competitive advantage.

    Kindergarten television monitoring and management system's main advantages are:

    It is the nursery manager of a modern and efficient management tools.

    It is to enhance the nursery with the parents of the importance of mutual understanding between the ties, but also parents understand the situation of children in the park is an important way of life.

    It also kindergarten in the investigation of accidents provide important reference.

    Help parents eliminate concerns, enabling them to better and more proactive with education.

    Directly to parents of young children to learn child care classes on parenting tasks and requirements of child care practices, such as meal time positioning, so that parents usually have the purpose of the related ability to change the past, such as chasing Hey, take a sleeping parenting habits.

    Communication between the nursery provides a good learning application platform.

    Third, the system topology.

    Fourth, design principles and basis.

    1, the design principles.

    According to the overall structure of the kindergarten and to give full consideration to the actual situation of the scene, the design front-end Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Heng Chi Yan production Kingvee (Kivi) brand one hemisphere or infrared camera, video transmission with high anti-interference shield coaxial cable, video recording system by Yan Chi Heng Kingvee (Kivi) digital network hard disk video host, you can achieve the local loop recording, retrieval, playback, remote video transmission of network for authorized personnel and parents of the relevant landing View all images anytime, anywhere, if you have been given relevant authority, you can also remotely set and on-line or download before playback video.

    a, advanced:

    In the investment costs permit, the system uses today's advanced technology and equipment, on the one hand the system has to reflect the advanced level, on the other hand the system has great potential for development, so that the system as far as possible within the time social development.

    b, Reliability:

    The most important thing is the reliability of the system, once the system is difficult to imagine the consequences would be paralyzed, so the system must be reliable and can run continuously, the system designed to accept the conditions of cost, from system architecture, equipment selection, product suppliers technical service and maintenance response capability and other aspects should be strict requirements, making the possibility of failure as little as possible. Even the failure, the impact was also as small as possible.
    c, security:

    For security systems, its own security can not be ignored, system design, must be taken to various means to prevent all forms and means of the system of illegal destruction.

    d, scalability:

    System design should take full account the development needs of the future, the system should be prepared to capacity expansion and upgrading of the possible.

    e, normative:

    Since this system is a comprehensive system strictly, in the system design and construction process should refer to all aspects of standards and norms, strict compliance with the technical requirements, good system design and construction of standardization.

    Everything from reality, so intelligent system has a higher practical effectiveness. This is also the reason why in today's intelligent building rising rapidly and the key to development.

    2, the design basis.

    The general design requirements under the Party and follow the relevant state departments to develop the design specifications. Include:

    ① JGJ/T16-92 "civil electrical design specifications."

    ② GB/T50314-2000 "intelligent building design standards."

    ③ GB50174-93 "computer room design."

    ④ GB50057-94 "Lightning Protection design specifications."

    ⑤ GBJ232-92 "installation of electrical installations for construction and acceptance."

    ⑥ GB4943-95 "information technology equipment (including electrical business equipment) safety."

    ⑦ GB/T75-94 "security technology to prevent the specification engineering specifications."

    ⑧ GB50198-94 "television system closed circuit television monitoring of civil engineering technical specifications."

    ⑨ customers overall requirements of the CCTV monitoring system.

    Fifth, design (see floor plan).

    The video surveillance system is mainly set by the camera parts, transmission parts, remote display and recording, and network components.

    1, the camera section.

    Camera part is the front part of the television monitoring system, the whole system of "eyes." It is arranged in a certain position of the monitored sites, and it can cover the entire field of view all parts to be monitored. Sometimes, larger sites being monitored in order to save the number of cameras used to simplify transmission system and control and display system, install the appropriate lens on the camera so the camera can observe the scene more clearly.

    This system for the sake of the overall aesthetic effect, are used Yan Chi Heng Kingvee (Kivi) camera hemisphere or bolt, which in young children activity room, bedroom, dining, and the infirmary beautiful color dome camera installed in the food processing room, side dishes and between corridors, installation of infrared night vision cameras at the gate, when strong light color, low light, automatically converted to black and white, while infrared light starts to reach a good control effect, in order to detect suspicious persons, protect the personal safety of children.

    In short, the camera just like the eyes of the entire system as it monitors the content into the image signal transmitted to the control center of the monitor.

    2, the transmission part.

    Transmission part is the system image signal transmission channel. Most current television monitoring system using video base band transmission. If the camera far away from the control center of the case, there is also an optical fiber transmission.

    The video signal transmission system using coaxial cable, from the control room to each camera position, one by one cable.

    Focus on the requirements of the image signal transmission through the transmission system in the image after the signal does not produce significant noise, distortion, and ensure the clarity of the original image signal and no significant fall in gray scale. Video signal in the transmission process, may be due to some unexpected reason serious decay, we can relay device to compensate.

    All front-end cameras used RVV2 * 0.75 power line cable, power supply from a centralized control room to the camera position.

    3, show records, and remote parts of the network.

    Yan Chi Heng recorded part is Kingvee (Kivi) DVR digital network dedicated to the completion of all the camera and the monitor displays the signal and, through hard drive for video, data retention time based on demand video with the appropriate capacity hard disk. It also supports remote network video, related to the leadership or the parents of the Internet anytime, anywhere access via the local network hard disk video host, watch real-time picture.

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