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Guangdong proposed offshore wind power giant enough electricity to support residents of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Dongguan

   Southwest of a drought, but inadvertently anxious Guangdong. Guangdong, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places lose seeing the power was abruptly pulled out of the "10 million" class gap, Guangdong's energy diversification of the road can be said to be "imminent."

    At this moment,ratchet tie dowm just recently passed the National Energy Bureau of the expert review of "Guangdong offshore wind farm project planning" (the "Plan") opened the construction of offshore wind power in Guangdong the big screen. According to the plan, the Guangdong coastal waters offshore wind power installed capacity of up to ten million kilowatts, the annual power generation capacity up to 290 million degrees.

    In the coastal provinces of offshore wind power development started, the Guangdong is not the first, but it is planning to develop the most orderly, "" plan "to carry out a simultaneous transmission planning studies, specifically for offshore wind power development of the market conditions at the same time, with the coastal cities and the functions of coordination solid argument based on the full site, the technical studies carried out simultaneously with the preliminary work, is the nation's coastal planning work offshore wind power the most comprehensive,booster cables best-prepared report. "This is Water Resources Planning and Design experts from the hydropower assessment.

    Through this plan, you can see in Guangdong are exploring a new offshore wind power development path, through the "unified planning, orderly development" of the road, not only for coastal wind resource offers the possibility of intensive use, Guangdong to build a more complete chain of offshore wind power industry has laid a solid foundation.

    "From design, to installation, to equipment manufacturing, Guangdong in the open market, but also for the system's technical reserves, which will undoubtedly boost offshore wind power-related industries have become the next economic growth in Guangdong." In the industry view , offshore wind power or the whole industry chain will be the whole of Guangdong to build marine development strategy "pioneer."

    At present, by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, spent two years, invested over twenty million yuan, the Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute") is responsible for the preparation of the "offshore wind farm project, Guangdong Province Planning Report, "has entered the final reporting, and approval stage. The first advance in Yangjiang Hailing Island, Shan Zhuhai, Zhanjiang outside Luo three offshore wind power project preparatory work has been in full swing.

    1.1071 Guangdong thousands Wahe upper hand power to open a new bureau of energy diversification

    "Yunnan-Guizhou drought, provinces, less than last year, a full Yuedian lost nearly ten million kilowatts." Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute in Tang red key appears, even without the drought of the reasons, the southwest region's economic development needs of the growing power also determines the electric power potential is diminishing.

    Guangdong this "primary energy shortage," the economic province, will remain a high growth of electricity consumption. 2015, Guangdong's total electricity consumption will reach 606 billion degrees, "five-second" period average annual growth rate of 9.2% in 2020, total electricity consumption in Guangdong will be ascribed to the 780 billion more degrees, " Thirteen Five "during the annual growth rate of 5.2%, southern Guangdong, the road needed diversification of energy gain another victory.

    Although Guangdong is coal, oil and other fossil "primary energy shortage," the province, but it is unique offshore wind resources. Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute Tang red button to reveal the Nanfang Daily reporter had an exclusive, Guangdong Province, a huge offshore wind power development "prospects." "Guangdong Province, the total length of 4114.4 km coastline of mainland China, ranked first in the country, a sea area of ??419,300 square kilometers, the coastal wind resources to reach 3-6, the annual average wind power density of 300 to 600 watts per square meter, called the National Sea wind energy resources one of the most abundant of the three. "

    Accordance with the "plan", the "only 5-30 m water depth offshore development area of ??shallow water offshore wind farm will be able to reach 10.71 million kilowatts of installed capacity, generating nearly $ 29 million degrees." According to an annual household electricity consumption estimated 2000 degrees, then the power supply will be able to support nearly 10 million households a year of electricity demand, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government decision-making advisory committee member of the Guangdong Electric Power Design vice president Luo Bixiong estimate, "Simply put, the wide Shenzhen, Dongguan, a city even plus the residential electricity needs can be met. "This form of Guangdong's electricity shortage will be a very important supplement.

    If successful, Guangdong to promote offshore wind energy development, then the 30-50 m water depth offshore deep water offshore wind energy capacity can be developed but will reach 75 million kilowatts, its development potential unlimited. According to the Guangdong Provincial offshore wind farm planning research, started construction in 2015 to three to four million-kilowatt wind power base at sea, 2020 will be an additional five million-kilowatt wind power base in the sea.

    In solar, wind and other ranks of the new energy, wind power is the field of new energy technology the most mature, the largest commercial development conditions and development prospects of power one way. In recent years, the world's wind power installed capacity of more than 30% average annual rate of growth.

    "With offshore wind power technology continues to mature, the cost of power generation will start to go down, I believe that within two years, with coal prices may overlap." One industry analyst also told reporters that, although offshore wind power concession bidding price of 0.7 yuan to 0.8 yuan, but with the maturing technology of wind power, increasing unit capacity, its costs and downward price trend, by contrast, subject to resource constraints, the cost price of coal in the uplink channel. The cost of a last look at the trend, we can see the future of wind power market competitive advantage.

    (2) power of the first projects to promote a unified plan "affect"

    In fact, in many regions have had insight into the construction of offshore wind power opportunities, "as Shanghai Donghai Bridge Offshore Wind Farm project has been completed more than a year. Jiangsu concession marked bills have finished more than a year." According to close to the National Energy Bureau, who said, "but the expert group on offshore wind power projects throughout the validation process, particularly highly of Guangdong's plan, that its practice of drawing on ideas for other coastal provinces."

    Offshore wind farm site is offshore wind farm planning is an important step. Guangdong waters rich in resources, but also by the terminal, route, anchorage, aquaculture and other conditions.

    In recent years, the face of huge offshore wind power market, and some coastal provinces in the case of quick success, but the lack of preliminary investigation of marine-based information and coordination in some areas because of pre-planning or even improper, but there were forced to move the project field site, or the case of split fairways.

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