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Alcan Cable to participate in 2011 Shanghai International Electricity Exhibition

   September 21, 2011, 2011 Shanghai International Electricity Exhibition (EPShanghai2011) at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition had begun. From North America, Alcan Cable (AlcanCable) to bring the world the full range of products de ? alloy dressed to participate in the exhibition, demonstrating its advanced aluminum alloy cable manufacturing technology and strong corporate culture.

    Our Alcan Cable

    Alcan Cable (ALCAN) belonging to Rio Tinto Alcan Group. 2007, Rio Tinto and Alcan merged to form the Rio Tinto Alcan - the world leader in aluminum. tow rope Alcan Cable has a long history of 100 years, is the only company in North America overall production alloy cable, rod and strip products, advanced manufacturers. Alcan Cable is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in the U.S. city of Williamsport, Pennsylvania has its own R & D center, battery clip has five production sites worldwide, of which there are four in North America, a region in Tianjin, China. In 2006, Alcan Cable for the first time the concept of the aluminum cable into China in 2009, established in Tianjin in China's first wholly-owned world-class production base - Alcan (Tianjin) Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. was put into production. Alcan Cable STABILOY ? Chinese name for "Shide alloy ?", take the "masterpiece over ethics,booster cables social commitment," meaning, to show its Alcan aluminum cable products, technologies, and strengthen confidence in the determination of the Chinese market .

    Our Shide alloy ? power cable

    Shide alloy ?ratchet tie dowm cables are Tianjin (Alcan) Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. is one of the core products to residential, commercial, public buildings and industrial projects in the application, which includes the World Germany alloy ? ZA-AC90 (- 40), armored cable, Shide alloy ? ZB-ACWU90 (-40) PVC sheathed cables and Shide alloy ? ZC-TC90 (-40) Non-sheathed cables, and other world de ? alloy cable products. Shide alloy cable in North America as the industry leader, is put into the Chinese market before, in North America has nearly 40 years of alloy production experience in installation and trouble-free operation. To enter the Chinese market so far, has more than 1,000 projects in security applications. Shide alloy ? series of cable has many features, excellent halogen sex can reduce the casualties caused by fire, resulting in improved building security; and no heavy metals, more environmentally friendly; the same time, light and flexible aluminum cable the installation of copper cable link also has unparalleled economic advantage. Company's superior product quality, customer service and technical support services, from all walks of life to win the trust of more and more users in the field of China's low-voltage distribution power cable is becoming the best choice.

    Follow the "HSE" green building concepts to create an ideal conductor

    For nearly a century, Alcan Cable has been in its worldwide operations to follow "HSE" management philosophy, "HSE" is healthy,, safe, environmentally friendly production abbreviation. Alcan Cable management system is the essence of our daily operations in all aspects of general guiding principles and commitments and action orientation. The HSE, based Alcan Cable has sought to ensure that its employees, partners and contractors and other interests of the community have a healthy and safe working around the world. Meanwhile, strict compliance with relevant environmental standards, increase its aluminum cable products and processes to minimize environmental pollution.

    For example, in each of our factory plant area, pedestrian routes and work vehicles are strictly separated, and each production equipment around, have clearly identified the safe operating area. At the same time, in our daily production process, strict compliance with HSE regulations related to management of production processes, and is scheduled to rule out hidden dangers, which can ultimately ensure that the production workers to ensure maximum safety. In addition, HSE management system also requires us to regularly maintain and improve our strict production equipment operating conditions, and conduct environmental monitoring, to the greatest degree of reduction of environmental pollution.

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