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"Five-second" 8.6% average annual growth of electricity consumption

        State Grid Corporation of Development Planning Lu Jian, vice director expected that the total electricity consumption in 2015 will reach 6.3 trillion kwh, the maximum load is approaching 1.01 billion kilowatts, "five-second" period average annual growth rate of 8.6% and 8.9 %. Power's rapid growth requires the support of ultra-high voltage network construction, he suggested that authorities should accelerate the "Huainan - Shanghai",tow rope "Hami - Zhengzhou" and other special high-voltage lines approved schedule.

    "Jindongnan - Jingmen AC pilot demonstration project of the expansion project is expected to be completed in November, is expected to reach 500 million kilowatts power transmission." Lu Jian, the demonstration project security and stability of consecutive 31 months,battery clip the cumulative security transmission 2.4 million kilowatts If the success of its expansion project, will open multiple projects under construction UHV door.

    Electricity consumption by 2015, or over 6 trillion kwh

    "Only a scientific forecast of social demand, to rational planning grid." Lu Jian said. Network from the country's forecast shows the next 20 years, China's electricity demand will continue to grow, additional capacity will reach 6.2 trillion kwh, the new load will reach 1.07 billion kilowatts.

    National network specific forecast data are: 2015, the national total electricity consumption 6.3 trillion kwh, the maximum load of 1.01 billion kilowattsbooster cables , "five" average annual growth rate of 8.6% and 8.9%; 2020, the whole society electricity consumption of 8.3 trillion kwh, "13 Five-Year" period the average annual consumption growth rate of 5.6%; 2030, total electricity consumption 10.4 trillion kwh, the maximum load of 1.73 billion kilowatts average annual growth ,2020-2030 were 2.3% and 2.7%.

    In fact,ratchet tie dowm the national network of the electricity demand estimates, some analysts believe that is quite conservative. The source pointed out that per capita electricity consumption from the point of view, China's per capita electricity consumption is much lower than the United States, Britain, Japan and other developed countries, future growth is huge. He explained that China's power at this stage elasticity of 0.95, namely electricity growth rate of GDP growth rate ratio of 0.95.

    State Grid is expected in 2015, the national installed capacity will reach 14.7 million kilowatts, "five-second" period average annual growth of 8.9%, "13 five" average annual growth of 4.6% in 2030 to 24.7 million kilowatts.

    Five-second or investment project to build 14 DC

    State Grid expects to meet the demand, "five-second" vote during the construction of Jinping - Southern, Golmud - Lhasa, Xiluodu - western Zhejiang, Huaidong - Chengdu 14 ultra-high DC project. "Five-second" exchange project is the formation of three vertical and three horizontal part of the network grid, which built Ximeng - Nanjing, Zhang North - Nanchang, Mengxi - Changsha, Northern - Weifang, Jingbian - Lianyungang, Ya - Shanghai exchange programs. To "Thirteen Five Year Plan", will vote to build 15 DC Project.

    Lu Jian pointed out that the high voltage grid built to follow the basic principles are: to strengthen by the end of the grid, and ensure the AC and DC line of safe operation, long-distance, high-intensity, low-loss DC, need strong communication network to the power delivered one thousand million.

    "If you compared the cargo DC, AC is the deep-water port." Lu Jian, DC's development is inseparable from the construction of communication networks. He pointed out that support Xiangjiaba - Shanghai DC, to build communication networks in eastern China, Xiangjiaba hydropower has not yet put into operation, if no Huainan - Shanghai exchange, once the DC failure, Shanghai will face the risk of widespread power outages.

    Some authorities have confirmed to the China Securities Journal reporter, Huainan - Shanghai, UHV project approval has entered the countdown.

    According to the National Network Plan, 2012 Ximeng - Nanjing "Longitudinal" UHV, 2013 Xiluodu - western Zhejiang DC, built Ya - Anhui "Southern Cross" UHV. However, we understand the present UHV backbone "three vertical and three horizontal ring" there is no one to open in the building.

    UHV is now approved for the slower case, Lu Jian proposal to develop a special high pressure has been included in national "five" Plan, should speed up the "three vertical and three horizontal ring" networking project approval and construction, to protect the power supply and the safe operation of the grid.

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