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Three new rural electrification activation of village production

    Recently, the Zhejiang Sanmen County, Po village forests to the town purchased a new wall-mounted LCD TV and a computer, he happily told reporters: the new rural ratchet tie dowm electrification so that these appliances can use comfortably, and his family can stay aware of world affairs.

     Sanmen County since 2007 since the launch of a new rural electrification, as of now, there are already 191 villages and seven towns to complete the construction of the first to complete a total investment of 330 million yuan, last December, Sanmen County, Zhejiang Province, through the new rural booster cables electrification County appraisal inspection. In 2011, three county is within the county to speed up the pace of construction is expected to be completed during the year 89 villages,battery clip 156 new units of the transformation zone, invested 80 million yuan, to further build advanced technology, reasonable layout of the rural power grid, so that farmers we really had a good day on the comfort.

     New rural electrification, also contributed to the rapid development of agricultural processing industry. Because the original voltage level is low, tow rope not additional equipment, and now some of the agro-processing plants, cooperatives and other high-tech equipment have been introduced to expand the production scale, has been developing steadily. Three counties spent Town Fengyuan livestock cooperatives, Mr Ng wonderful introduction: his livestock cooperatives have more than 60 member households, each household requires a lot of fodder every day, thanks to co-location of the new rural electrification moment transformation of the village, the village transformer capacity increased, he now daily production can reach 4,000 pounds this year, he has acquired two high-powered processing machines, able to satisfy the requirements of farmers cooperatives.

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