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2011 construction of the development of our smart grid list

   Strong intelligence network in China in 2011 entered the construction phase, will be in the demonstration project, the electric vehicle charging facilities for electric, new energy and acceptance of, electricity and other aspects of intelligent people promoted.

    Will promote the construction of 11 categories of smart grid pilot projects. Build intelligent substation 67; in the core area of ??the city built 19 distribution automation systems;tow rope promote the use of 50 million smart meters; new 173 electric vehicle charging station and the 9211 charge for piles; completed 25 intelligence community / building construction; promotion construction of 62,000 power fiber to the home; completed in Tianjin Eco-city comprehensive smart grid demonstration projects; acceptance of wind power capacity of 20 million kilowatts; develop smart grid standards 88.

    battery clip Electric vehicle charging facilities for electric will increase seven-fold

    To promote the electric vehicle, for example, this year the national grid of electric vehicle charging facilities will be based on the current growth rate of 7 times. Currently, the national network for electricity in the electric vehicle charging facilities put into operation, booster cables the station has been charging for 24, charging pile 1122.

    To promote electric vehicles in large-scale applications, the national grid in 2011, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Sea and the construction of two inter-regional inter-city smart charge for electricity network. According to the agency predicted that the application of electric vehicles in China in 2015 will reach 50 million units. To meet the requirements of the development of electric cars, State Grid will be in the "five" ratchet tie dowm period sufficient for the construction of power plants 2351, charging pile 220,000, initially built the coverage area of ??intelligent company charge for radio services network.

    At present, electric vehicle charging facilities for electric pilot project has been completed and put into operation 87 standard charge for power plants, 5179 and 7031 Taiwan Taiwan charger AC charging pile, covering 26 provinces and cities, Hangzhou initially built electric vehicle charging for electricity services network. Charging station and charge for the number of piles have been first in the world, China has become the world's largest electric vehicle charging device state.

    2011, newly admitted 20 million kilowatts of wind power

    Acceptance of new energy power generation, the National Grid said that in 2011, the smart grid will accept wind power capacity 20 million kilowatts, operating in the region of wind power capacity reached 50 million kilowatts. 2015, will be basically built a strong intelligence network, National Grid intelligence reached international advanced level, to achieve access to 100 million kilowatts of wind power and photovoltaic power generation target of 5 million kilowatts. To maximize the acceptance of wind power, solar and other clean energy, National Grid will accelerate the development of technical standards development and application of critical equipment to strengthen the clean energy generation and network technology research, improve network optimization capabilities.

    As of the end of 2010, invested a total of 41.8 billion yuan national grid, wind power and put into operation in line 23,200 km network, operating in the region wind power installed capacity reached 28.26 million kilowatts, accounting for the largest net electricity load of 4.2%, five consecutive years to double.

    2011 Intelligent Community will complete the construction of 25

    Key technology in the smart grid, in recent years, China's key equipment in the smart substation system construction and technical standards developed by continuous fill the gaps, to reach the international advanced level. Currently, National Grid has developed 15 standards for intelligent substations, forming the world's first intelligent substation series of technical standards. 126 patent applications, international leader in the overall level of technology. Up to now, China has built 750 kV Yan'an, Shaanxi, Jiangsu 220 kV West Jing, eight intelligent substation, substation technology to become the world leader in the development of the backbone.

    Smart power is an important part of a strong intelligence network. National Grid said the 2011 Intelligent Community will be completed 25 / building construction, at present, the company has built Beijing, Chongqing and Hebei six intelligent community in Shanghai has built an intelligent building, to achieve a two-way interactive intelligent electricity, build a convenient smart home life.

    "Five-second" key focus on investment in power projects, to achieve power transmission and distribution and use of intelligence and effectiveness, with the new energy development and long-distance transmission. The distribution automation will be most important over the next decade will be the smart grid power equipment industry, the main driving factors.

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