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Zhejiang how the transformation of traditional industries favored by warm PV industry business

   Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission defined the benchmark price of PV. Analysts believe that this marks the real start of the domestic PV market, good development of photovoltaic industry. For the emerging photovoltaic industry in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, is to enter the domestic market, a very good opportunity, many companies stepped up, "embattled" domestic market. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 30 PV companies in Wenzhou, covering almost the main part of the industrial chain, including vertical integration, silicon, EVA film, ratchet tie dowm solar cells, components, etc., the PV industry cluster shape.

    Industry clusters were gradually

    After 2010 the PV industry development spurt after the first half of 2011, China's photovoltaic industry, the situation has been great as expected better.booster cables Most enterprises are facing "price drop, no one can take," the dilemma, because European countries have reduced the subsidy standards.

    By this time,battery clip feed-in tariff "national standard" of baked, can be seen as a key moment in the photovoltaic industry, even behind the "tonic." "We are very optimistic about the domestic market has been waiting for concrete policies and measures in place as soon as possible." Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Jing Cheng, chairman of Japan policy, said the company is currently setting up a domestic sales and production workshop,tow rope is also considering building in the southeast coastal areas solar power stations.

    Just recently signed a photovoltaic project in Xinjiang Wenzhou Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. Sun and Moon Hui Hai-Ping Chen told reporters that the PV project covers 20,000 acres, the next to find strong partners. It is reported that the "National Edition" PV price floor, mainly for large-scale photovoltaic power plants and full sunshine in the western region. Annual sunshine time of up to 3,000 hours of Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, will be the brightest capital "chase" the core area.

    The past two years, Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, the sudden emergence of photovoltaic industry, has gathered more than 30 solar manufacturers. "Wenzhou photovoltaic enterprises to seize the international market, now can also open up the domestic market." Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Li Song, deputy director, said photovoltaic power plants can now be based on clear benchmarks of the Internet price, to account for costs and profits, as long as the plant profitable, PV modules have a "business" of the. Internet pricing "floor", one conducive to the domestic PV industry in Wenzhou, market development, and second, will promote business investment in solar power projects in Wenzhou.

    Earlier this year, Wenzhou's first solar power project - Wenzhou Medical College (New Campus) and grid-connected photovoltaic power plant demonstration project officially started construction. The total investment is 20 million yuan, the construction of Chint Solar, grid electricity is expected to average about 65 million kilowatt hours each year to meet more than 300 households with electricity.

    Wenzhou City Economic and Trade Commission, according to incomplete statistics, there are 11 two years ago, Wenzhou PV companies, including new energy Crystal, God silicon electronics, photovoltaic stronger by the day, Sunrise Solar, etc., mainly produces silicon anchor, slice, slice battery and the EVA film and so on. Since September last year, Wenzhou very rapid increase in the number of photovoltaic enterprises, especially in Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, the sudden emergence of photovoltaic industry. Currently, the district has 14 photovoltaic enterprises have settled down, last year more than 20 solar production line, formed a relatively complete industrial chain. "Twelve Five" period, Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, will produce the formation of silver accessories, pull rods, ingots, to slice, magnetic films, inverter, assembling a complete industrial chain, creating an area of ??2000 acres, billions value of the "photovoltaic industry demonstration zone."

    Temperature favor the PV business transformation and upgrading

    Recently, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, the National Energy Board jointly issued a "demonstration of good work in the sun 2011 annuity," which clearly the central government will continue to allocate funds to support implementation of the sun demonstration project. This further expansion of the size of the domestic photovoltaic power generation applications, and promote the strategic development of new industries provided a strong guarantee.

    The industry pointed out that in the global PV industry is facing setbacks, the central government this time to introduce policies to support domestic PV industry, far-reaching. Which is promising for the photovoltaic industry of Wenzhou investors, confidence is more firm.

    Wenzhou, the vast majority of more than 30 PV companies are founded in the last year and early this year, in addition to the silicon material source program, the PV companies in Wenzhou, covering almost every aspect of the industry.

    New Energy Co., Ltd. Wenzhou obo has just completed a trial production, two production lines already producing cells, smooth production can have up to 50 MW capacity. Speaking of investment in mind, Obo, chairman of Sun added that the law of development of any industry there, like a parabola, like the bottom will have the peak industry, the PV industry as seven or eight o'clock the sun, with good prospects for development. Sun has issued an annual output value of 20 billion natural steel industry. In his view, the steel industry as a traditional industry, already facing a bottleneck, to invest in solar companies to upgrade was to provide a long-term growth with the direction.

    The same situation also occurs in the Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jiang Jingde. As general manager of Jing De, Fan Cheng money in the leather trade is very prosperous, but he is now obsessed with investment in the PV industry. Wang Dawei, vice president, whose father was chairman of German crystal, shoes and steel business is doing very well, now also optimistic about the solar photovoltaic industry. Fan Cheng money by saying the sun solar industry, with a clean, environmentally friendly, high-tech, sustainable, etc., not looking to upgrade this direction, without which the Who? Germany is mainly engaged in grain production of solar modules, four production lines reach capacity, then smoothly, with 60 megawatts of capacity.

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