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GE Lighting Introduces New Intelligent Air Circuit Breaker

    May 2009, Shanghai, China-GE Consumer & Industrial Products Group will be formally launched in May 2009 EntelliGuardTMG air circuit breakers, is the GE in order to meet industrial,booster cables commercial, residential low-voltage power distribution for high performance intelligent low voltage air circuit breaker needs, and design and development of new global products, high performance,battery clip high reliability, and intelligent features.

    EntelliGuardTMG air circuit breaker and similar products, compared with high performance.

    GE Consumer & Industrial Products Group has more than 50 years of design and manufacturing experience in low voltage air circuit breakers, EntelliGuardTMG GE air circuit breakers is based on the existing low voltage air circuit breaker Mpact & ME07 series of products developed from the performance of high-performance products,tow rope is a shall truly global platform for low-voltage air circuit breakers meet IEC, CCC, ANSI, and UL standard platform requirements. The entire series, divided into the framework of current levels of 3, rated current from 400A to 6400A, with 3 and 4 pole, fixed and out of products,ratchet tie dowm rated breaking capacity up to 150kA. Unique circuit designed to have a high tolerance of both high fault current fast tripping and low selectivity under short-circuit fault current protection needs. Whole new generation of intelligent electronic release, using the latest technology to provide a more secure and reliable circuit breaker circuit protection, electrical parameter measurement and display, relay input / output, Modus, or Profibus communication.

    EntelliGuardTMG air circuit breakers for the different industries and provide a common product platform, in line with the latest in line with IEC60947-1 to GB14048.1-5, ANSIc37 and UL489 technical standards and regulatory requirements, but also meet the requirements of Lloyd Register of Shipping ; with the installation simple, common good, modular attachments. A variety of general internal accessories for customers to choose, electric motor mechanism, closing coil, tripping coil, coil voltage, electrical interlocking coils, auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts and so on. All of these accessories can be installed by the factory or customer self-installation, and completely done in the design of the internal framework of attachment level in 3 generality of the circuit breaker.

    ? EntelliGuardTMG air circuit breaker with high security and reliability.

    Advanced design and concept of the product greatly improves the breaking capacity under the appropriate mechanical and electrical life of life. To ensure that customers use the product when the demand for selective protection, and in extreme cases, the protection of equipment and personnel safety requirements.

    EntelliGuardTMG air circuit breaker is an intelligent product.

    EntelliGuardTMG full range of circuit breaker uses a new generation of advanced electronic trip unit can be configured to 4 basic types of digital electronic trip unit, E, S, N and H type. Each basic types of electronic release has the same look and design of the display screen to provide current meter features a wide range of rated current setting, simple and accurate circuit parameters of the setup menu. E Basic provides full electronic release selective protection, current meter ,0.2-1 times the overload adjustable, adjustable short time delay circuit. S-type on the basis of the basic transient increase in adjustable short-circuit and ground fault protection. N and H type in the E-type adds an optional electric parameter measurements, waveform capture, output and input relay, extended ground fault protection, and communications functions.

    At the same time, EntelliGuardTMG air breaker design flow using six sigma, lean manufacturing, simulation and other advanced management tools designed to make EntelliGuardTMG air circuit breakers have exceeded market expectations of the innovative technologies that can provide first-class performance for our customers .

    MCCB RecordSL economy is about to June market.

    At the same time, GE Lighting and Industrial Products Group also particularly China and other Asian markets for the economic development of MCCB RecordSL. Which products will be landing in June 2009 the Chinese market, then it will make up for its products in the Asia-Pacific Economic aspects of the vacancies. In product performance, RecordSL products comply with global certification standards, IEC, CCC, UL and so on. Products are not only widely used in commercial buildings, factory premises distribution system, and also to meet the majority of mechanical parts export enterprises for a wide range of international certification requirements. In addition RecordSL products highly competitive prices. Listing of this product will better meet the needs of our customers MCCB for the needs of the economy.

    Reliability 2.

    GE Lighting & Industrial Products Group.

    GE Lighting and Industrial Products Group, with its deep industry experience of more than a century, for all types of commercial buildings, rail transportation, petrochemicals, manufacturing, infrastructure, shipping and other industries provide energy efficient overall solution. Involved in a wide range of products, including power distribution and control products, full range of light sources and matching appliances, lighting, more types of large household appliances. The group in 150 countries with 75,000 employees and regions, and in the Greater China region has 12 factories, located in the Asia-Pacific headquarters in Shanghai and adjacent to GE's third-largest R & D center, dedicated to customers and consumers with innovative, environmentally friendly advanced technology to solve various difficult problems.

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