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Product stability and reliability as new challenges Instrument Industry

   In recent years, with the industrial automation and instrumentation industry, China's industrial production level has been greatly improved. The development of automation not only saves labor costs for businesses, but also improve economic efficiency, and in the public environment and urbanization also to the indispensable role. At the same time, "industrial disaster" such a problem also with the popularity of automation into the public view. For example the top ten industrial disaster the world-famous: "India Bhopal gas leak incident", "Exxon Valdez oil spill,ratchet tie dowm " "Chernobyl exploded," and so on. In China, the recent Shanghai subway accident, high-speed rail accident, ConocoPhillips oil spill gave us the wake-up call.

    In September,booster cables the Shanghai Metro Line 10 signal equipment failure due to manual scheduling is enabled, 14:51 two cars rear-end accident occurred, resulting in 271 injured, 61 people were hospitalized.

    Industrial safety in the torture of people at the same time, the application of its product stability and reliability of new questions. Instrument as an integral part of the automation industry, also encountered the same problem. Among them, safety technology and safety features is an international battery clip instrument on the recent development of new technologies to prevent industrial facilities produce abnormal incidents that can compromise the safety of persons and equipment. The technology and related instrumentation products have received wide attention from the user. China's large petrochemical construction projects already provides functions to be carried out safety assessments. China's industrial facilities more frequently sudden accident, tow rope study safety instrumentation technology has very important significance.

    Focus on the development of products in this area include: to achieve the overall safety level SIL3 control system, temperature transmitters, pressure / differential pressure transmitters, electric actuator / positioner development and application of safety instrumented systems also include technical methods of assessment and evaluation tools developed.

    But unfortunately, our country most of the instrumentation industry products are middle and low level of technology, and reliability, stability and other key indicators have not yet fully meet the requirements. To test the equipment, for example, high-grade, large-scale equipment is almost entirely dependent on imports, while foreign companies also occupy the domestic mid-range products as well as many key parts of the market share of more than 60%.

    Recently, the instrument network reporter interviewed general manager of Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd., Shanghai Instrument Industry Association, Mr. Zhu Yutao, he mentioned that the gap between our products with foreign countries, when said product is not in our advanced technology in poor, but the key is product stability and reliability. Up basically with foreign products relatively stable, not ups and downs, the user more comfortable with them. And domestic products in these areas almost, stability and reliability are not enough. Also contributed to the industry "product applause, No One Played" situation.

    This shows that, although our technical indicators in comparison with similar foreign products is not much difference, but long-term stability and reliability problems are not fundamentally resolved, it will be restricting our test equipment industry is a serious obstacle. However, the stability and reliability is a long process of accumulation, which requires the support of many aspects, the first is to regulate the process control, process control required to build and staff a higher cost, while the size of the current vendor is not enough; second need to complete the supply chain system; Finally, you need the core technology, the current instrument manufacturers many of the core technologies, including software and hardware are purchased from abroad, then the second development, which produced a product will not be difficult to ensure a BUG effects caused by instrument instability. Therefore, it will be a development instrument industry in China's new challenges.

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